• Things That Made Me Smile

    Things That Made Me Smile This Week

    I believe we should promote what we love rather than bash what we hate. Sometimes I slip and find myself being negative about something or someone that irks me and not in a constructive way and while sometimes that is justified, I’m working on sharing more of what I love and I’m starting here and now. With that, I bring you this week’s “Things That Made Me Smile” which includes something about me!

    1. This video of President Obama doing “Things Everybody Does But Doesn’t Talk About” in which he also speaks about health care.

    Personally, I don’t get down with the selfie stick. Holding my arm out for an extended period of time to take 237 pictures so I can select the right one is the only exercise the biceps and triceps get so I’m gonna keep that routine in for as long as possible.

    2. This video from The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon where he helps some of us feel better about being single and for those of us who aren’t single, it provides a good laugh anyway.

    3. British director Cecile Emeke’s “Ackee & Saltfish” dropped this week! I am excited and not just because that’s the name of my country’s national dish! I plan to watch it with my love when he gets here and I will definitely let you all know what I think about it after we get through with it. If you’re not hip to the A&S short film, peep the trailer below and you can also read a review of it from The FADER where it’s called (via the URL) the British version of Broad City. I discovered (read: finally decided to watch) Broad City over the Christmas break and it is a hilarious series that I do recommend you get into. Seeing this comparison for A&S made me proud of the reception it’s getting.

    4. I was in the newspaper! I went to a  brunch last Sunday to talk about being engaged (yep, that’s the premise on which I was sold) along with other women who were either engaged or married and it was so lovely. It was awesome being able to chills with these ladies and have some real girl talk especially given that this was, for most of us, our first time meeting each other. It just went to show that you can always learn something and bond with others on life’s common thread issues like love, health and food! They caught me with my “IIIII don’t really know about all that” expression so I was either addressing being healthy and exercising or about cooking regularly. They also didn’t spell my name properly but…I’m used to it, I guess. Here are some snapshots

    ladies at brunch


    itsnasb newspaper talking



    We spent hours dishing about our lives before and after finding our significant others, so much more than was captured in the newspaper article and I believe there is a video of this to come. I’ll keep an eye and ear out and let you lovelies know if it happens, of course.

    5. This picture of Kim Kardashian and her baby girl North at rehearsals for Kanye West’s New York Fashion Week debut.

    kim and north at kanye fashion show

    Most people were focused on North getting fussy later on at the actual show and while I understand why given our celebrity-obsessed culture, I get so much more out of moments like these and I don’t feel they are shown enough.

    6. Tracee Ellis Ross was revealed as the cover girl for Essence magazine’s March issue











    I’ve been becoming more and more a fan of the “black-ish” star in the past couple of years because she constantly promotes self-acceptance and self-love and “pushing against this culture of perfection” that has so many of us, especially women, making sacrifices to fit in and still ending up feeing like less than we truly are. Go ‘head, Miss Tracee!

    I think that’s as great a note to cap off this post. You can share whatever news or happenings that made you smile in the comments (though I know so many of you don’t actually post comments on blogs) and spread the joy and love.

    Until next post!

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