• Things That Made Me Smile

    Things That Made Me Smile This Week

    1. Mr. D came to see me! He wasn’t here for long but I’m so happy he came! Being long distance sure does make you appreciate moments with your boo.

    itsnasb and daniel

    I really could stop here but…

    2. I have an awesome opportunity to do something I have been wanting to do for a while and I am elated! Some days are more difficult than others when you’re feeling stuck doing what you don’t want to do so moments like these are so very welcome. Mr. D played a part in this happening so more shoutouts to Him!

    3. This week Mr. D and I decided to take in the Fox series Empire because of all the buzz and we were not disappointed. It may not be as hype as some have it be and in some ways, it’s even better. I just love all the melanin that is on my screen for a full tv hour. Even with some issues and story lines being approached problematically, the show has more pros than it does cons as a viewer experience. I hope it sticks around for a while. Based on the record-breaking weekly growth in ratings, I think it will. I am excited for Taraji P. Henson’s name (and not just Cookie’s) to become a household one.

    Go watch Empire if you haven’t started already. All the regulars, recurring characters and cameos give me life!

    4. It really warmed my heart and pulled upwards at the corners of my mouth to see pictures of black actresses and women in entertainment celebrating themselves and each other this week via the Essence Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon. Mad props to blogger Luvvie because her IG posts from the event had me feeling inspired- to be recognized for your work by those you admire, is dope!

    5. These pictures.

    black women glee


    6. I have been sleeping on this web series “Black Actress”. I thought it would just be interviews of the actresses profiled and I wasn’t inclined to tune in because I’m not exactly thinking of becoming an actress, which I thought would be the target audience. Oh, was I wrong! Each episode features a black actress speaking on some part of her experience in the business and/or a personal life story but the majority of the episode is about the fictional character Kori Bailey who is an actress trying to make it after a hiatus- an “inspiratus”, as she calls it. We follow her while she goes through the ups, downs, and awkward moments her personal and professional struggles and it is funny and inspirational. I was definitely convinced this is something to tune into when Kori and her best friend, Izzy, got into their Jamaican accents (they were close to authentic. :)). Call me biased, I don’t care!

    Check out Season 1

    And season 2


    Created by and starring the beautiful Andrea Lewis, this series has me sold! The first season was featured on Issa Rae’s YouTube channel but the second is on Andrea’s. The entire series can be viewed on the Black actress series site or Andrea’s own site. I love that those in front and behind the cameras are black women and this product is so well made. You can see that there is growth in quality between the first and second season and I so look forward to more.

    Andrea has a production company and they have a Kickstarter geared towards their goal of “..producing original television, film, and digital content that showcases women, people of color, and the LGBT community.” They are currently focused on getting out more episodes of this hit show as well as 3 others. Check it out and support if you can!

    As usual, feel free to share this post and share with me what made you smile this week 🙂

    Until next post!

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