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    The Problem with Joan Rivers and E! ‘s Fashion Police

    Simple answer: everything.

    Joan Rivers is not funny. I’m not sure when was the last time she was funny. She is rude and downright cruel but somehow gets away with it because she’s old and because she’s self-deprecating. She gets no passes from me- being mean to yourself does not excuse being mean to others especially when you’re making a profit off of it.

    Now Joan and her bandits (the other hosts) hide behind the thin and poorly draped veil of “humour” (yes, I spell it like the British) and then go on to attack the personal lives, family members and lifestyle choices of celebrities- essentially, things that no clothing/accessory designer, woman or child in a sweatshop had a hand in creating. Who finds this funny besides them and the laugh track played after every obvious punchline made by the woman who would be ignored by all family members had she not been famous and capitalized on the era of “it has to be vile to be comical”? I do feel sympathy for the celebrities who have to suck it up and plaster a smile on their faces because they want to promote themselves in some way.

    I am very much against body shaming and it is with this stance that I refrain from commenting at all about the other two regular female hosts of Fashion Police and whether or not they are aesthetically qualified to tear down other women’s physical attributes based on standards currently set by society. Any comments I have about the token gay male host on this here fashion show would only serve as a filler, much like he does, in my eyes.


    It’s not like I tune in to E! for quality, uplifting programming and I had stopped watching this poor excuse for a show a long while now but it has been resting on my spirit to speak on this. I recall one episode in particular where Kelly Osbourne saw fit to comment on what she thought may have been a weight issue for Selena Gomez. It was so off-putting to me that Kelly would say someone was becoming too skinny when she had been at odds publicly with others because they thought she was too much on the other side of the weight spectrum. Maybe her weight loss had her feeling entitled to speak on what was acceptable because she now felt she more physically resembles what is “healthy”. Funny how that worked out.

    If your job is to critique clothes, do that and that alone. If you must make jokes to try and be entertaining, have some boundaries or, at the least, variety. Slut-shaming, botox and ageist references can only be remixed so many times and no more. And then saying they’re celebrities so they should be able to take it must be applied to you as well if that’s the rule you want to abide by.


    But in a classic example of “You can dish it but you can’t take it”, Joan Rivers loses it in an interview and walks out when her past behaviour is questioned and criticized. Her most recent TRANSgression was a tactless “joke” where she made slanderous claims about The President of the United States and the First Lady. I do not wish to repeat what she said here on this blog.

    In the aforementioned interview, Joan says to the host “You are not the one to interview someone who does humour!”. Well, Miss Rivers, you are clearly not one to do humour. Time to hang it up and I don’t mean your face. That last sentence was okay, of course, because Joan has made countless (seriously, I can’t count) references about getting plastic surgery done on her face. All’s fair in the name of comedy, right? Wrong. But I’m no comedienne.

    That’s it for now, lovelies.

    Until next post!

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