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Hey, readers

I write to you on this blessed Tessday as we wait for the live airing of The Voice finale to find out who America (and the rest f the world that found a way to vote) chose as this season’s winner. Jamaica’s own, Tessanne Chin is a finalist and Jamaica has been in a frenzy since her blind audition when we saw the four judges turn their chairs by the time she got to the second line of her version of Pink’s Try.

I have been very busy with school and extra-curriculars so my blogging took a major hit and, therefore, I have said nothing about Tess since the show started. It’s just as well. Based on the topic at hand, I welcome being called  wagonist for this. So long as there is room on the wagon, I’m hopping on and I will “small up” myself to make room for others to join after me.

I can't wait for beauty and fashion blogs to dedicate posts to her! Eek!
I can’t wait for beauty and fashion blogs to dedicate posts to her! Eek!

This post isn’t about Tessanne’s talent and her blessing of a voice, which we have seen and heard grow by leaps and bounds in the few months she has been on this show, it is about the weird way in which her support team has now decided to turn on itself. Yes, calling new fans of Tessanne, wagonists is cannibalistic and is of no help to Tessanne. If you truly love and support her, you would want her fan base to grow. Step outside of yourself and know that no one person can get sole credit for a movement and to make a true impact in this world, you need people. It’s called #TeamTessanne, not #TessanneOneFan. Grow up and shut up.

Now you may have been supporting her from the very first time you heard a song of hers. Hell, you could have been her fan club president from her days as backup singer for Jimmy Cliff. That’s great. Collect your trophy at the online NoOneCares.Org store and ensure you bookmark the page for future bonus points. After this, take your head out of your…. self and remember why you are a supporter and know that a true fan wants more for Tessanne just as she did for herself.

Kudos to Shaggy for encouraging Tessanne to enter The Voice
Kudos to Shaggy for encouraging Tessanne to enter The Voice.

I’m sure she’s grateful for those who were there from day one. But she was also clearly not satisfied. She carefully thought about and then decided to try and branch out via this competition and it has worked out marvelously for her. At this stage, no matter where she places, great things are in store for Tessanne and I am too happy for her. I may not have been able to blog but I voted every week, even before I got to watch the performances online (I was usually at school for the television airing) to see how well she really did. Knowing that she felt a need to expand her reach should have you trying to spread the word and have everyone catch Tessanne fever, not trying to cow down people to tell them you loved her first. You just sound like a douche when you take the latter approach. Let’s keep focused on the dream- making Tessanne’s bread and butter supply be endless.

Win or 2nd or 3rd, Tessanne ahs made us all proud and I know it won’t stop here. I’m waiting for more original music and since she has me now in the habit of wanting to buy singles from iTunes, I shall now go save my coins for her future work.

One love,

#TeamTessanne member,


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