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    5 Things! Post 100! New Year’s

    1. I still start posts with “Wow. How do I start this?”. Beginnings aren’t always easy. Writers know this. Sometimes your beginning unfolds at the end of the story. I think that’s pretty awesome- writers are time travelers. I thought about saying writers invented time travel but I dare not upset scientists for the sake of a joke. I rang in 2014 with friends I loved- we broke plates and danced and laughed and promised this year we’d leave the crappiest parts of 2013 behind, frolic and flourish like no year before. Well…. we did do all that …eventually but I don’t think we knew just how different 2014 was going to end from how it started. Still, with how amazing it is for me right now, in this moment- as I write this post with a little over 6 hours left in the year- I think we brought in this year in the best style. I look back at pictures from the past 365 1/4 days and I am content.

    2. I tweeted this year: “I think I’ll end up with a writer” because some spirit passed through me telling me that. I’m now engaged to a Continue Reading

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    Hello November

    I am super enthused about November this year! I’m usually pretty neutral on this month, as I am with every month that is not December, but this year, I am so excited for it.


    One special thing is happening this month which I will share once it does and that’s a major part of why I’m so excited but I’m also thrilled because October is over and with it went one of the most stressful parts of my final year in law school. A little over a week ago, I advocated in my mock trial!

    [you do two per year- one as instructing counsel and one as advocating counsel. You get paired with a partner who will be your co-advocate and co-instructing for the two trials. Advocating counsel does the talking- opening/closing speeches and questioning of witnesses, addressing the Court etc; Instructing counsel takes careful notes for and helps advocating counsel while the advocates are on their feet . There are more duties leading up to the actual trial but I’m speaking of duties on the day of trial.]

    Me and fellow counsels for my mock trial. (Not pictured- the stress we just got off our backs)
    Me and fellow counsels for my mock trial. (Not pictured- the stress we just got off our backs)

    I am so relieved I can’t even put it into words.This was legitimately one of the things I dreaded most about my time at the law school, particularly since I don’t plan to litigate (that’s a story for another time). To get it out of the way- especially so early in the year- was a blessing!

    Just mocked a trial bout a week ago…|process was kinda stressful but I did it though(8) Source

    I felt so free afterwards, you’d think I was done with school but it was something remarkable to face one of my fears and see that I could come through with little bruising (and 6 more grey hairs but who’s counting).

    I now feel less guilty about reading non-law related material and more importantly about writing. I feel unrestricted in pursuing my other interests and discovering new passions.

    On the writing front, I have decided that I need to really look at it like a job and treat it as one since I want to have a career as a writer. This becomes funny when I connected it to a conversation I had with Mr. D. The conversation led to me taking a stroll along the internet and finding this little gem. It brings new meaning to “dressing for the job you want” and I must say I love it.

    Great minds, I tell you. Source
    Great minds, I tell you.

    Does your dream job have a particular dress code? Is it a selling point for you? Tell me in the comments.

    With this, I bid you Nasmaniacs adieu. I hope November is fantastic for all of us.

    Featured image Source

    Until next post!

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    Writing: The sixth sense and how to tap into it

    It’s 6 am on a Saturday and my muse thought now was the best time to have a conversation.


    I have not written in a while. I go several periods where I don’t write for a while.There are several writers who hold tight to the notion that we must write everyday to be real writers. This Salon article quotes an acclaimed writer saying such. I had several thoughts just from the heading- why is there always this pressure on writers to write now, to write today or to write everyday? My issue is decidedly really with the last one. Some ideas are best put down as soon as possible and sometimes we have deadlines and apparently there is something to the thought that it’s better to put down the garbage words you have now on paper so you can clear the way for the good stuff later. But there is also value in taking breaks, in mulling over before putting words to paper. For some, following a story means moving away from the writing  desk and letting that story lead them to the final destination before documenting the journey.”Write when you’re ready to write”- Daniel José Older does a great job of leading a conversation about the harms of feeling like you have to write everyday. The conversation is Storify-ed here and I think it’s an important one for all writers to see.


    The problem with feeling like you have to write everyday is Continue Reading

  • Nastute Commentary

    An honest post about me: Taming the beast


    For reasons unknown to me, writing scares me. There are times that the thoughts and ideas and feelings are like an aggressive monster with teeth gnashing away at me and I’m unclear if the solution is to run away or to try and subdue it. Ok, I’ll be honest- the solution is always to try to tranquilize (alliteration party!) but sometimes it seems like the harder choice.

    Even though it is the thing that calms me the most, the thing I most hold dear when I do it, I sometimes put it off writing out of guilt (these law courses aren’t going to learn themselves). When I then decide I want to start again, I see a mountain that I have to climb that wasn’t there when I left. And I don’t get why I see a mountain because writing is easy. It’s simple. It’s almost second nature to me. And yet…


    Time and time again, the advice is to “just start”. It gets better from there. It will all work out if you just start. But that step is the hardest most times. Continue Reading

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    Coffee and Tea. Some Like It Hot. Some Like It Cold

    I am using a prompt from BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo for this one. The prompt for August 1 asking if I like hot drinks specifically coffee or tea. Remember their theme this month is HOT.

    I have a couple things to say on these but I am mostly doing this post because I have discovered a serious love for pictures of coffee on Tumblr and it has caused a change in habits that I am not certain I like but I kinda sorta love it. It makes sense if you think about it. Seeing the pictures (which will be in this post) day after day helped desensitize my mind and persuade me that  certain drink that I abhorred before, was now a possibly good (maybe even necessary) companion. More on that later.

    First, let me say that being Jamaican, I have no choice but to love tea. Continue Reading