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    Minding Yendi’s Business: A How NOT To

    I have seen the references to the article and ignored them. I have seen the references to the Facebook and Instagram posts and ignored them. Then I saw the tweets saying that due to the fact that Yendi Phillips was very public about her romance with Daniel “Chino” McGregor, we are now entitled to all aspects of her private life including knowing what happens with regards to her minor child. Now let me stand firmly in my view that I do not support this.

    My friend Ricardo Brooks wrote a post title “Yendi has no right to privacy and unfortunately neither does her child”.

    Now, this approach taken that has Yendi having her right snatched from her is one of the highest level of entitlement. Apparently, because Yendi is famous and decided to share the story of her relationship that led to the making of a child, we are now entitled to know everything regarding Yendi and said baby henceforth. Excuse (every single one of) you?!

    If I decide to tell you about everything in my life but the way I like orange juice, you are NOT entitled to know the way I like my orange juice. If I tell you about the way I like all forms of fruit juices up to November 2014 and I decide to stop telling you about the way I like fruit juices after November 2014, you are not entitled to know about the way I like fruit juices after November 2014.

    I use very simple examples to show you that you are not entitled to know anything about me and my personal life, even the simplest or most trivial, regardless of what I have shared with you in the past. This is applicable to everyone.

    Everyone is entitled to say “stop”.

    Everyone is entitled to say “no more”

    Everyone is entitled to say “I wish to share only this and no more of myself”

    If you feel like someone somehow lured you into caring about their life and now you are hooked and crave more, that is absolutely Continue Reading

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    Happy Independence Day, Jamaica! Happy 51st birthday, my love

    This one is dedicated to the land of my birth. My Jamaica. Sweet Jamdung.

    You have made me who I am today and a vital part of me and you is how awesome we are. I could not write the words to capture the love I have for you and your people. We are flawed, yes but we are still young as an independent nation and I know we will get there. The fact that you have produced someone like me and that there are amazing, forward-thinking, compassionate people like the ones I am blessed to call friends and family makes me unable to give up on you even in our hardest times. Maybe it has to get worse before it gets better but I know it will get better.

    Jamaica, I love you. I love you. Your culture, your food, your people, your language. I am proud to say I am your daughter even though many may say I shouldn’t be. There’s a magic that comes with being Jamaican that some can’t see or understand. Some of your own have yet to tap into that magic and some even try to deny it. Still you rise. Your greatness will shine through one day. I hope I am here to see it but if I am not, I hope descendants of mine will grasp how deserving you are of your moment. Stay strong. Be patient. Get wise. Get ready to work.

    Big up yuhself, goodie! 51 n still a step trang! Yuh likkle but yuh tallawah an’ all who doan like it can bite it! Wi naa penny di badmind people. Dem heart dirty and a dat a get di bes’ o dem! Wi jus a gwaan cut and go chru caa love ina wi heart!

    🙂 That was for my Jamaican readers. It’s not patois as would be written by our linguists but it’s patois until we iron out the details (read: get standardized and mainstream) and that’s what counts.

    I’m off to Grand Gala now, lovelies. Jamaicans know how to put on a show if nothing else and we know how to enjoy our damn selves. Let me get to that.

    One Love. 🙂

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