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    Premature Ejaculation: When arriving early is a no

    Huffington Post wrote an article that featured a video of world-renowned author and relationship expert (please get some biscuits to soak up that sarcasm) Tyrese Gibson in which he said that women should be flattered when men ejaculate prematurely. Now if this ain’t a car salesman trying to tell me a written off Lada is more efficient than an Audi R8, I don’t know what is. To say Mr. Gibson can keep that crock of crap would be the understatement of this half of 2013.

    Rather than tell men to try and do exercises that increase their stamina, this fool sees it fit to tell women to accept the sub par performances and, even better, take it as a testament of how “great ” their honey pot is. He then goes on to defend his statement by saying if you are at it for 45 minutes and nothing has happened then “you should get your life together”. Because it always makes sense to defend an extreme end of the spectrum by looking at the very opposite end, yes? Sir! Ma’am! You boy! Go swiftly into hibernation, please and thanks.

    In case it needs to be stated, women don’t want hours and hours of sex either- that friction is not kind to anyone- but we do not want sex than ends sooner than it takes for a Hot Pocket to be ready in the microwave. Take that lame attempt at reverse psychology somewhere else. Missy didn’t write a hit song about this for no reason!

    I have heard many men who have said that they’ve had experiences where they came early with a particular female and it was because of something “special” about her slickness or about the way they felt towards her. That’s all fine and well. In truth, I give not one damn as to what the reason is*. I do know it doesn’t make it acceptable. You are so aroused, you perform below satisfaction. Ok, cool. Let’s figure out how we gon’ fix the end result because let it never be forgotten (though it has yet to be fully understood by so many) that sex is a two-way street- it’s 4-way or more for some but that is for a different post. It’s about giving and getting and while that excuse may stroke her ego, what it does not do is stroke her clitoris or G spot long enough for her to get that orgasm your greedy butt just Usain Bolted to.
    Do some Kegel exercises for men. Wear some condoms that decrease stimulation. Think of naked old women – unless that does it for you, in which case, think of anything but. The point is to get to a mental and physical place where you can regulate your arousal and last long enough to please your partner.
    Stop being lazy and selfish. And Tyrese, you have long outdone your quota for stupid in proportion to how attractive you are. Please stop talking. You make my brain hurt .

    Here’s video of that part of the interview in case the Huff Post link above does not work in your country (like it didn’t in mine)


    * We’re not gonna pretend that a stiff breeze or a dry couch can get the same job done in the same amount of time for most of y’all.

    Until next post!

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