Nastalgic Thursday: Lisa Frank

OMG! OMG! I don’t even think I need to write words for this post!

Y’all remember Lisa Frank accessories? Silly question, how can you forget?

When I was growing up, these were so coveted. Lisa Frank Inc., run by a woman actually named Lisa Frank, is still in business (Mashable even did a feature on her) but it’s not nearly as hype now as when I was a young’n. It was the stuff! Man, if you had the stickers, you felt you were so hot…until you saw someone with the pencil case and books. Oh, those who had the pencils were basically stabbing in the pain every time they used one of those around the rest of us who didn’t. I think I am just now getting over being green with envy as I watched another girl flash her neon-coloured goodies. I no longer think my parents did not love me for not ensuring that I was decked out in Lisa Frank swag…kinda. I mean, these feelings take a while to leave, peeps! Chah! Anyhoo, take a stroll, skip and hop down memory lane with me by looking at these pics. I pray the colours don’t trigger anyone’s seizures.

1885 STICKERS?! Look here! Everything is getting STUCK on. Ok!
1885 STICKERS?! Look here! Everything woulda been STUCK on. Ok!


So first we have this fly *ss pony with her side pony tail.


Then they put the pony on a book and added some peace symbol folders. Eek!
Then they put the pony on a book and added some peace symbol folders. Eek!


She had our dolphin friends covered underwater
She had our dolphin friends covered underwater


This almost makes me forget that I am not here for cats
This almost makes me forget that I am not here for cats


This one, not so much. Where you get all dem jewelry from, cat?! I oan trust you sneaky butt!
This one, not so much. Where you get all dem jewelry from, cat?! I oan trust your sneaky butt!


So I won't even classify this as a cat because I want to be able to love it for the awesome thing it is. I almost called it a tiger though so my classification means nada. But is it a cheetah or a leopard? Is this just Simba with chicken pox?
So I won’t even classify this as a cat because I want to be able to love it for the awesome thing it is. I almost called it a tiger though so my classification means nada. But is it a cheetah or a leopard? Is this just Simba with chicken pox?


As if I needed another reason to be jealous of Mila Kunis. She did commercials and ads for Lisa as a kid. Ugh!
As if I needed another reason to be jealous of Mila Kunis. She did commercials and ads for Lisa as a kid. Ugh!


I imagine this is how Cruella de Vil sees the world on acid
I imagine this is how Cruella de Vil sees the world on acid


I just--- gah! *faints from the cuteness*
I just— gah! *faints from the cuteness*


It ain't fun if the penguins and polar bears can't have none!
It ain’t fun if the penguins and polar bears can’t have none!


So you thought we left this stuff back in te 80s and 90s? Ha!

Lisa Frank nails, y'all! How would you get me to clean these off EVER?!
Lisa Frank nails, y’all! How would you get me to clean these off EVER?!



DIY Lisa Frank phone cases, y'all! YASSS!
DIY Lisa Frank phone cases, y’all! YASSS!


Because this is a image you want to see before and after you get drunk
Because this is a image you want to see before and after you get drunk


Aaand now I have a headache from seeing all dem colours! Popped a Lisa, I’m sweating. Whoo! Did I do that right? Hahaha!

Thank you, Lisa Frank, for helping to make my childhood so purdy!

lisa frank logo


Until next post!

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No Love For Loud Women

Disclaimer: “loud” is not limited to volume. I use it in reference to being opinionated as well in this piece. Enjoy.

It’s a long-standing belief that children should be seen and not heard. As children get older, the dynamics of this notion change. The boys grow up being taught that they should show out. They are encouraged to get out there and experience the world, take risks and to be as bold as they want to be. Girls, on the other hand, are told that they should be demure, bashful…refined. Oh, how I love the way they spin these things as if they are positive attributes all around. No offence to those of us, male or female, who are bashful or demure- some of the best people are. But to force someone into a box and stifle their expression of self based solely on their genitalia is bull.


I grew up very quiet, worryingly so in fact, if my father’s stories are to be believed. No one forced me to be. I simply was. I would observe the world around me but not get pulled into it because I was to absorbed in my own or too busy escaping into the worlds painted with words on the pages of books by authors I felt were my friends. Authors like Enid Blyton. She was my penpal who I never wrote back and she never made a fuss. She just kept writing stories and sending me secret messages. For instance, she was the one who revealed to me that my stuffed animals and toys all came to life whenever I slept. Before this tidbit was shared with me, I never thought twice about the fact that they were almost never in the same position that I left them before I went to bed, when I woke up.


And then I started changing. Not prompted by any event in particular but I started owning my voice and sharing it with others. And they liked whatever I had to say. So much so that my mother was told by my teacher in the fifth grade to ensure that she nurtured the leader in me. Mom shared this story with me when I was much older. We skip along to high school and this is where my light burned brighter. I was no longer keeping one foot on the side of cautious while dipping the other over the line into the sands of tenacity. I met others who were similar and we enabled each other in a way only teenage girls bonding through puberty could. We bounced ideas, thoughts, feelings and expressions off each other and we journeyed into the land of young womanhood with our vocal cords strained from the volume of our expressed glee and enthusiasm.


And then we hit a wall. Societal expectations. Like hands clasped around our throats, we soon learned that being free with your words is a privilege not afforded to “ladies” and the ultimate goal of any female is, of course, to be seen as a lady, right?


I felt confused and out of place but no more so than I did navigating the other aspects of my life so I did not think much of it. Until I began to feel the sting from the rejection and ridicule that others doled out when in my presence. It hurt most when it came from an object of my affections. Somehow I ended up picking someone who felt it pertinent to explain to me that being “loud and opinionated” would get me nowhere, not just with him (let’s not focus on the fact that he was already my boyfriend of many months) but in general. “People don’t like loud women”. Oh, ok. Thanks for letting me know. No, really.


So I began the course down the rockiest and most discouraging road I had taken in my life up to that point- the road to being ladylike (read: quiet). This much I can tell you- I tried.


But my being would not have it. I wondered why I would feel so small in the presence of some folks and I assumed it was because I was just not quite getting a handle on how to be acceptable. Wow, was I wrong. I felt small because my persona was so busy fighting this façade that only a minute portion of me was left to present to the world.


And it hurt. It sucked. It broke me. Nothing is worse than not being true to you. That acceptance you crave will not fill the void. Trust me. How can others accept you when you haven’t accepted yourself? How can they love you when you don’t show yourself the love you deserve?


It took years. It took trials. It took tears and screams and fights. But finally, the loud girl has been heard. I don’t know how she must have felt, not being heard by her own self. Actually, I do. I mean, I am talking about me albeit in the third person. But we have made amends. I have apologized and she has forgiven me. I put myself back together.


There are still moments when I battle with being a more subdued version of myself. Not nearly as much as before though. There are still people who do not take kindly to my loud personality. I get also that in today’s world, it’s still difficult to find a partner who can tolerate, encourage and love how me and women like me with all our “muchness”. But the amazing thing is I have found so many who love it- almost as much as I do (Narcissistics Anonymous just paged me. Oops!). The most important lesson was that I should change to suit me first. There is a place of belonging for everyone and sometimes you have to be forced out of the place you want to be so that you can stumble into the place you need to be. I assume I will change as I grow older. I will learn maturity and self-control and I will become secure with myself in a way that only age can bring- that is me saying old people have zero cares in the world and it’s admirable…..most times (don’t nobody like a rude ass old person. Ugh). I am not sure if I may become quieter in my day-to-day interactions but I know I will not become less opinionated. Take it or leave it.


I get it- loud people make others uncomfortable especially if they are disagreeing with them. But most of life is uncomfortable. Many equate loud with obnoxious. That’s okay. I’m smart enough to know they are not one and the same (check any reputable dictionary and thesaurus) and, even more, there are plenty of quiet, obnoxious people and acts in the world.  Work on fixing your approach rather than seek to change another. So long as no one is being hurt, no one need be reprimanded. I don’t tell you to stop being quiet. Don’t tell me to stop being loud.


Sincerely shouting,



This is dedicated to my friend, Karen Lloyd and my fellow loud girls and women. Don’t be silenced.


P.S. I know about time and place when it really matters. Check me in interviews, adequately reserved and professional. In classes? Quieter than a mouse. Haha!

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What’s in a name?


Some days I go so fast, I feel myself swell with pressure and fever consumes me

until I reach the boundaries of my elasticity and I explode.

I burn out.

I feel my being disperse into ash.

I did it again. I overdid.

I overwhelmed, I overstayed

my tentative welcome in the place of company

knowing full well most people can’t accommodate me

Hell, even I can’t

My soul is too big for its earthly courier

so it rebels and prods and prompts overzealous reactions to earthly stimuli

the momentum never failing to rip the coverage at its seams

and then I am ash

Waiting to be born again.

To put myself back together

To have myself come together

Each time as draining as the last, sometimes more

But then I rise again like a Phoenix

And above it all I soar.

Better now, stronger now.

“what does your name mean? What’s its origin?” “Je ne sais pas”

Nastassian: Rebirth/resurrection; one who will rise again; Breaker of chains

Origin: Russian or Greek with Latin influence as well

Fun facts: it also means birthday or born on Christmas day. I wasn’t but I was pretty close. I’m sure my parents didn’t know this though.

A security guard told me that my nickname could be phoenix when I told him the meaning and thus, a poem was born.

Thanks for reading! Until next post!

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New Music: Beyoncé- Bow Down / I Been On

Beyonce Knowles-Carter is back and she is taking no prisoners! Not nary a one! Oh ma gah!

“I know when you were little girls, you dreamt of being in my world. Don’t forget it…. I took some time to live my life/ But don’t think I’m just his little wife/Don’t get it twisted…Bow down, bitches!”

This is past shade. It’s a full on overcast sky. Hurricane Beyoncé is on the way. Batten down, y’all!

Get into it below and let me know what you think!

Until next post!


Nastalgic Thursday: Brandy

Last week I read a post on Necole Bitchie’s blog about r&b and pop songbird Brandy and how she made the life of a fan/ makeup artist with a wonderful act of kindness. You can read about it here.

The post really touched me and it gave me hope for the many of us out there struggling who find it so difficult to look forward to tomorrow because we don’t know in what circumstances it will catch us. I was left impressed with Miss Norwood (that’s Brandy’s surname- for now- FYI) and it had me thinking I should share this story and throw some love her way. Struck by another bout of nostalgia, as I have been so often lately, I thought I would make my first Nastalgic Thursday (I felt like being cute and not naming it the typical Throwback Thursday and y’all should know I love puns with my name) about Moesha’s alter ego.

Speaking of Moesha, that’s one of the two tv series that Brandy starred in in her younger years and my pick for her (more…)

Google makes my biological clock tick

I recently stumbled across an ad via my Facebook feed for Google with the title “Brand New Baby” and for some reason, I am now thinking of being fertilized. Haha. I phrased it that way on purpose. Alas, law school and my other responsibilities (read: my mother said she isn’t ready to be a grandma as yet) will see a delay on me adding to the world population. Ah, well. Here’s hoping I have a partner who is as excited about us having a brand new baby as the man in this video. Actually, here’s hoping my partner is more active. I didn’t see him Google how to give great foot and back rubs. Hmmph!

Check out the ad below and let me know your thoughts in the comments

Until next post!

New Video: Kelly Rowland “Kisses Down Low”

In case you missed her videos for Motivation and Ice, I feel I MUST share the news with you that Kelly Rowland is in love with her body. And rightfully so! Miss Rowland offered up the visuals for her latest single “Kisses Down Low” and it’s quite a treat for the eyes.

I don’t recall hearing this track (produced by Mike Will Made It) before seeing the video and I think it’s a good thing. The hook and chorus got a bit annoying to me as the song went on. Thankfully, the many looks donned by Miss Rowland served as a welcomed distraction. I think Kelly is beautiful and sexeh. I have loved her simple but appealing approach to her videos- she gets that eye candy needs to be real sweet (sugar-free need not apply)- and the fact that she usually has some foine men on display may be the major reason behind this. Teehee!

P.S. There were 2.5 wigs that I did not like – .5 because one wig looked cute when she lay down with it on. Kelly, that wig with the red highlights seems like a throwback to your Destiny’s Child circa Survivor days but it is not nearly as hot now as when your real hair was styled that way. Maybe it was the shape. 🙂

Anyhoo, check the video out below and let me know our thoughts in the comments.

Until next post!

Happy International Women’s Day!

This one is for me and all my sisters (literally every other woman in the world)!

Today is a day to celebrate ourselves and each other while we continue on in the fight for equal economical, political and social rights as men.

Every year on March 8, International Women’s Day is celebrated. In some countries, the celebrations are bigger than others. I, for one, am a fan of the way they celebrate it in Russia. The theme for IWD 2013 is The Gender Agenda: Gaining Momentum.

You may find out more information on International Women’s Day and the activities taking place globally here:


Be thankful for lady parts, they are awesome!

Until next post… xx <– These are my chromosomes, y’all! 🙂

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Melanie Fiona gives that throwback to heartbreak- two in one post

I recently watched Melanie Fiona’s video for Wrong Side Of A Love Song, directed by Larenz Tate, and the split screen effect gave me nostalgia. I remember when I in my late teens that this effect was very popular with r&b and pop videos and I quite liked it. She used it to show the contrast in her relationship with the man she loves and it was quite effective. the eye candy did not hurt either. You all should know by now that I am all the way here for gratuitous male nudity and super hot chemistry on screen. I can relate to the extremes in this video so good job, Miss Fiona for bringing me back. I love her voice and the composition of this song. Check out the video below.

And speaking of throwbacks, one of my favourite songs of hers is 4AM. I KILLED this song last year when I had exams and funny enough, even though it is supposed to be a sad song, all I could think about was how sexy the beat and melody were and how well this song could work as a stripper song (for private shows, not necessarily in the strip club). I would get so lost in the song that I honestly did not watch the video in its entirety until I was writing this post. That’s when I realized the story line. It makes me want to chuckle though because I was left thinking “oh, he popped a Molly, he’s sweatin’!’ Check out 4AM and let me know how this makes you feel. Be honest 🙂

P.S. on the off chance that Miss Fiona is checking this out, why is your latest video not on your VEVo channel? Do better, love. 🙂

Blue Ivy: Spitting Image Of Beyonce and Jay Z

I was browsing the interwebs and viewing other blogs that I frequent (I may love reading blogs as much as I love writing my own) and I happened upon a picture of baby Blue Ivy- offspring of Beyonce Knowles-Carter and Sean Jay Z Carter. My word, she is a cutie and she definitely took both her parents’ genes. She could not be any better a mixture of the two if she was created in Photoshop.


blue ivy and beyonce