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    Nastalgic Thursday: Brandy

    Last week I read a post on Necole Bitchie’s blog about r&b and pop songbird Brandy and how she made the life of a fan/ makeup artist with a wonderful act of kindness. You can read about it here.

    The post really touched me and it gave me hope for the many of us out there struggling who find it so difficult to look forward to tomorrow because we don’t know in what circumstances it will catch us. I was left impressed with Miss Norwood (that’s Brandy’s surname- for now- FYI) and it had me thinking I should share this story and throw some love her way. Struck by another bout of nostalgia, as I have been so often lately, I thought I would make my first Nastalgic Thursday (I felt like being cute and not naming it the typical Throwback Thursday and y’all should know I love puns with my name) about Moesha’s alter ego.

    Speaking of Moesha, that’s one of the two tv series that Brandy starred in in her younger years and my pick for her vintage tv show. Believe it or not, there was a time when Brandy was the hottest female pop star about and she was not just present on your radio, she was all up on your tv screen as well. Mo-to-tha, e-to-tha (8). She also starred in Thea as Daneesha Turrell, the teenage daughter of Thea Turell. Thea was a short-lived series but I watched the episodes though!

    Brandy was also on the big screen- homegirl was not playing about getting paid. So the vintage movie I choose is I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, not just because her movie credits were slim pickings but because she- a black character- survived to the end of a horror movie…at least, I think she did.

    For the vintage album, I pick Never Say Never because I remember listening to that so often courtesy of my cousin after she got the cd (Google what a cd is. Lol).

    Finally, and most significantly for me in this post, I give you the vintage song. Now this was hard for me. So hard that I could not pick just one. Therefore, I choose Sittin’ Up In My Room (from the Waiting To Exhale soundtrack) and Have You Ever? (from Never Say Never). Sittin’ Up In My Room is so catchy and smooth. It had me thinking bouncing and singing along and feeling so carefree. Have You Ever?, on the other hand had me all in my teenage feelings! I swore I was so in love with my crush at the time and I just needed to know if he had ever loved somebody so much it made him cry. Brandy, girl! You found it with that one. I still feel like crying thug tears when I hear it. Whoo!

    I will post videos of the two songs so you all can reminisce or get in the know about Ms. Brandy. Hit me up in the comments and tell me your favourite work(s) from her.



    Until next post!

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