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    My First Time…..at CPLT20

    It was hot and sweaty. I almost passed out from exhaustion.

    Yea, my first time at the Caribbean Premier League T20 was one to remember. It took a lot outta me but now I can say I’ve been to a cricket match n I actually paid attention to what was going on. This wasn’t my very first cricket match (I went to one or two in BIM) but I promise it’s the only one I looked at the field long enough to know who was batting vs who was bowling.

    CPL tix (1)

    I’m still no expert. Lord knows I’ve forgotten what an over or a run is but I do know that the Jamaica Tallawahs beat the Trinidad Red Steels in the last ball. Wait, is that how I’m supposed to say it? Pfft. No commentator job is in my future clearly.

    I was excited for three specific events

    1) I got free swag. Y’all know I’m here for the freeness. No shame.

    CPL swag (1)

    2) I saw a friend o mine who I met in my final semester in BIM. He caught the ball and out’d one of the Red Steels. That may have been the only time I shouted the whole match. It just meant more knowing that I’ve actually interacted with this person.

    CPL my friend (1)

    3) I got to see Six Chris Gayle in action. The man is embarrassingly good at batting. Apparently he’s the greatest (at the T20 level, at least). Why must all Jamaicans destroy competition in sports? Why?

    CPL Gayle (1)

    All in all, I’m glad I went n I’d definitely go again next year. I’m just gonna a get in the know about my cricket terms and players so I can go crazy like true cricket fans.

    CPL crowd (1)
    So sorry for the delay in posting. I had family stuff to take care of. This post was written in time to post before midnight but I was without internet access for a good while and just couldn’t send off the post. Do forgive me 🙂
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