Musing Monday: You are not a burden

not a burden

“You are not a burden”

This message was so necessary to me at different points in my life. That feeling like feeling down for more than a couple of hours and expressing it was not okay. That feeling like I only brought down others with my problems, with my feelings that I could not control. I’m sure the message will be necessary in the future. The difference is that I didn’t always get this message. Now I force myself to remember. I try and place a trigger that will be set off the moment my anxiety and sadness rise to the level that’s overwhelming. The trick is to lower the level of the trigger so that this is a constant truth I possess rather than one I have to access after moments of pain.

I do hope that it helps someone else out there who may not know it yet.

You are not a burden. You have a right to be here. You have a right to your thoughts and feelings. You are not for everybody and that is a good thing, trust me. go where you are welcome, where you are wanted. If that means going inside yourself for the acceptance and love you need, go there and stay there until someone worthy comes to take you out.

And if you know someone going through something, try to be patient with them; have some empathy and compassion when dealing with them regardless of how you think you would deal in their shoes. We’re all made different but we all have the same right to our feelings.

Love, Nas

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