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    Melanie Fiona gives that throwback to heartbreak- two in one post

    I recently watched Melanie Fiona’s video for Wrong Side Of A Love Song, directed by Larenz Tate, and the split screen effect gave me nostalgia. I remember when I in my late teens that this effect was very popular with r&b and pop videos and I quite liked it. She used it to show the contrast in her relationship with the man she loves and it was quite effective. the eye candy did not hurt either. You all should know by now that I am all the way here for gratuitous male nudity and super hot chemistry on screen. I can relate to the extremes in this video so good job, Miss Fiona for bringing me back. I love her voice and the composition of this song. Check out the video below.

    And speaking of throwbacks, one of my favourite songs of hers is 4AM. I KILLED this song last year when I had exams and funny enough, even though it is supposed to be a sad song, all I could think about was how sexy the beat and melody were and how well this song could work as a stripper song (for private shows, not necessarily in the strip club). I would get so lost in the song that I honestly did not watch the video in its entirety until I was writing this post. That’s when I realized the story line. It makes me want to chuckle though because I was left thinking “oh, he popped a Molly, he’s sweatin’!’ Check out 4AM and let me know how this makes you feel. Be honest 🙂

    P.S. on the off chance that Miss Fiona is checking this out, why is your latest video not on your VEVo channel? Do better, love. 🙂

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