Lovers Anonymous: Part Two – Denial (Tonight)

Tonight is one of those nights

When lonely has me cloaked in its embrace

When I see the appeal of alcohol

Not to drown my sorrows, but rather to soak up the flavor of this feeling

To wallow til wrinkled

Tonight is one of those nights when I desire to not have my craving satisfied

It’s an itch I don’t want scratched


Tonight I feel for him

But it’s different.

I used to want to be wrapped up in him

Tonight I just wish to wrap him

Between my legs

Have him slide between my lips with his lips

Have his tongue speak to my clit in the language only they can comprehend

Have him guide me to that peak that I visited for the first time with him

Tonight I would encourage him to drink


Yes, I feel like something’s missing but it doesn’t hurt.

There’s no sting, no ache, just a gentle longing for that which is not there

Tonight I feel for him

But like last night and the night before and the night before that,

Tonight he is hers.

And I’m kind enough to not be selfish.



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