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    Lovers Anonymous: Part Three- Acceptance

    When did you realize that you were an alcoholic?

    Did you wake up and know that yesterday was your last day of being able to go without your medicine and still be able to function properly?

    When did I become drunk off of you?

    I know that there were days I didn’t need just one more drop of you.

    I vaguely remember them but I know they exist.

    I’ve seen the pictures of myself in times before,

    When you were no more than abstract to me

    And I look alive so I know it was once possible to get by without you.

    I miss that light in my eyes.

    Before it was replaced with glass.

    Glass that exists only to bear the reflection of the damage that bears your name.

    Glass that sometimes feels like the sand that formed it is running beneath my skin.

    Glass that puts my former vulnerability on display.

    Glass that shows that what lies inside is less than half empty.

    When did you realize you were drunk off love?

    I did, the first time I came back.

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