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    Lost and Found

    Last night, I found three things that I had lost, one of which was unknown to me as lost. I guess you call that forgotten?

    I found my glasses in the case I had been carrying around for weeks thinking it was empty (as it most times is) and that the glasses were left on my dresser (as they so often are). Tonight I decided to search for said glasses and after a quick scan (which can only mean my subconscious sent a speedy hint- “feeling” to my conscious) which resulted in no spotting of the glasses, I thought to look in the case. As soon as I took it from the bag, I shook it and heard the tiny thuds of tiny spectacles hitting the edges of their container. Jinkies!


    The next items in my lost and found were two poems. One I found while searching for another. I had forgotten that I had wrote that poem. And I’m sort of surprised because I read it and immediately got that I was going through something when I wrote it. Would you look at that. You sure do get over things when you least expect it. I also found the one I was intentionally searching for. It was right below my nose with the name I remembered giving it but that I somehow missed in my previous searches. I think it hid so I could find the other first. My poems are kind like that. Well, they are to me.

    Or in this case, anything old and forgotten.

     And with that, I bid you adieu.

    Until next post! Thank you for reading.

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