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    Janoirary was a bust

    No Janoirary

    Hello, lovelies. Getting right to it. The first photo competition on itsnas.com was a bust. Only one person participated and while I am so grateful to her, it’s not really a competition if there is only one entrant.
    But I take a lot of the blame because I did basically zero actual promo and I let a lot of opportunities to do so, pass me by. Skip to the end of the month when my phone and tablet got stolen and you’ll see how Janoiary just could not be successful if I wanted it to.
    I also acknowledge that the lack of a tangible prize was demotivating for participants but that’s not something I’ll necessary change for future contests. I don’t want people taking part just to win, I want people to participate for the fun of it. Maybe later when sponsors are involved and I have disposable income, prizes will come along too. But until then, I shall just hope that I get an audience that wants to take part for the sake of taking part.
    Thanks for sticking with me and thanks for reading.
    Until next post!

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