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    JaNOIRary Photo Competition

    Happy New Year, Nasmaniacs!

    I hope 2014 has been great to you so far and I do wish it gets better with each passing day.

    To hep improve the mood of your year, I have decided to have the first ever competition on itsnas.com.  The reason? Just because.

    This will be a photo competition. The name of the contest: JaNOIRary.

    Janoirary itsnas

    Noir in the sense of colour. More specifically, in this instance, it will be used to capture black AND white. A photo competition featuring just the colour black is…well, I’m sure you all see how nonsensical this would be. So this competition will feature only black and white pictures. I note the advantage this gives to everyone since most things look so more artistic in black and white. To add a little challenge there will be three themes, one of which your picture must relate to. The themes were chosen based on the significance of January being the first month of the year (in my side of the world) and Janus- the god after which the month is said to have received its name. Janus was the god of time (its transition, the beginning and the end of things) and war and peace.

    Timeline for competition- January 10- January 24, 2014 at midnight (Jamaica time)

    janoirary small picasa edit itsnas


    • At the top
    • Start anew/ Beginnings
    • War and peace



    • a black and white picture

    • falling under any of the above mentioned themes

    • by emailing it to contest@itsnas.com

    2. Along with your picture, submit your name and email address and the theme(s) you are using

    3. You must submit original pictures only

    5. Each participant may enter no more than 3 times (one picture per theme)


    Photos will be uploaded to the blog on January 25, 2014 and readers will have one week to vote for their favourite (This means voting ends Jan 31, 2014 at midnight). At this point you may upload your photos to your various social media accounts and ask for others to vote for you by directing them to the blog page, the link to which will be shared on the 25th.

    A panel of persons selected by (but not including) me will vote on their favourite photo as well.

    The winner will be chosen based on the average of the readers’ votes AND the panel vote. (ie 50% readers’ votes and 50% panel vote).

    The runner up will be chosen based solely on the readers’ votes.

    The winners will be featured on the blog (of course), my Facebook page, my Tumblr and my Instagram  and Twitter accounts.

    I do hope you guys participate and hopefully I will be able to give tangible prizes in future contests. Feel free to download the theme photo and share the fun with your friends and followers 🙂

    Good luck, darlings and I do hope to see some amazing photos.

    Stay lovely!

    And until next post…


    Blog end note

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