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    Help Fight Loneliness. Just Say Hello.

    In an initiative to combat loneliness, Mother O has enlisted the help of celebrities to spur action from all of us. The “Just Say Hello” campaign was inspired, in large part, by Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Some of the reasons behind the campaign are mentioned by him in the YouTube video below.

    I first heard about it when I saw Oprah’s bff Gayle King appear on The View to speak about it. She said that people would rather say they are depressed than to say they are lonely. As if there is some shame in loneliness. That’s heartbreaking to me. Somehow society has developed this “I will be my own island” mentality and those of us who embrace our humanity and acknowledge our desire for human connection are criticized or ridiculed rather than embraced.

    Now I don’t know what the statistics are for Jamaicans and I find that they’d be largely inaccurate since mental health and education about it is not as key an issue in our society as it is in America. But I do think that loneliness affects us all. While we are a more friendly set of people based solely on our culture, the impact of social media to make us more connected virtually and more disconnected in real life is creeping in on us. With that said, I tip my hat and fully intend to be a part of this “Just Say Hello” campaign.

    This is me saying hello to you. Drop a comment here if you wish. I’ll do my very best to reply in a timely manner. And do your part and tell someone hello today that you probably normally would not or who you haven’t said hello to in a while. But be sincere. And be kind.

    If you want more information on this campaign, you can read about it here:

    Just Say Hello: The Powerful New Way to Combat Loneliness


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