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    Hello November

    I am super enthused about November this year! I’m usually pretty neutral on this month, as I am with every month that is not December, but this year, I am so excited for it.


    One special thing is happening this month which I will share once it does and that’s a major part of why I’m so excited but I’m also thrilled because October is over and with it went one of the most stressful parts of my final year in law school. A little over a week ago, I advocated in my mock trial!

    [you do two per year- one as instructing counsel and one as advocating counsel. You get paired with a partner who will be your co-advocate and co-instructing for the two trials. Advocating counsel does the talking- opening/closing speeches and questioning of witnesses, addressing the Court etc; Instructing counsel takes careful notes for and helps advocating counsel while the advocates are on their feet . There are more duties leading up to the actual trial but I’m speaking of duties on the day of trial.]

    Me and fellow counsels for my mock trial. (Not pictured- the stress we just got off our backs)
    Me and fellow counsels for my mock trial. (Not pictured- the stress we just got off our backs)

    I am so relieved I can’t even put it into words.This was legitimately one of the things I dreaded most about my time at the law school, particularly since I don’t plan to litigate (that’s a story for another time). To get it out of the way- especially so early in the year- was a blessing!

    Just mocked a trial bout a week ago…|process was kinda stressful but I did it though(8) Source

    I felt so free afterwards, you’d think I was done with school but it was something remarkable to face one of my fears and see that I could come through with little bruising (and 6 more grey hairs but who’s counting).

    I now feel less guilty about reading non-law related material and more importantly about writing. I feel unrestricted in pursuing my other interests and discovering new passions.

    On the writing front, I have decided that I need to really look at it like a job and treat it as one since I want to have a career as a writer. This becomes funny when I connected it to a conversation I had with Mr. D. The conversation led to me taking a stroll along the internet and finding this little gem. It brings new meaning to “dressing for the job you want” and I must say I love it.

    Great minds, I tell you. Source
    Great minds, I tell you.

    Does your dream job have a particular dress code? Is it a selling point for you? Tell me in the comments.

    With this, I bid you Nasmaniacs adieu. I hope November is fantastic for all of us.

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    Until next post!

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