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    For the love of cheese. When your sinuses attack

    I have been feeling aches and pains for a couple of days but I have also been ignoring them. Then I realized that this is all due to my sinus which can be traced back to my increased dairy (read: mostly cheese) intake lately. I usually battle this with honey (by itself, with lime or cinnamon), sinus medication or vitamins but I’ve been slacking and now I am on the verge of catching the flu.

    I have had a headache since last night and it returned this morning and I assumed it was probably due to the new braids and then I pt the pieces together- apart from migraines that are my payment for my sins, my number one source of headaches is my sinus (should this be, are my sinuses?) Darn you, grammar. But not really. Grammar, I love you. But I digress…

    I now have a slight fever, muscle aches and worst of all, I am getting a sore throat. If this doesn’t start improving soon, I will be locked down with the flu and no one will like that. Not because I’m a crappy sick person (I’m usually too weak to be bratty), but because I apparently resemble someone on their death bed during and the days immediately following being sick.

    What gets me is that I haven’t had much dairy. But I think I have been without that for so long that my body is in shock and losing its mind. I haven’t been sick in a while and my healthy period is clearly up.

    Your positive thoughts, prayers, cards, gifts (I am partial to fried chicken) are appreciated in advance. Here’s hoping I get back to normal soon. Isn’t it just like me to get sick right before school reopens. The fact that I am going to start a new school is not lost on me either. Le sigh. I hope you lovelies are doing much better than me, immune system-wise.

    No xoxo (for your own safety; don’t want to get you sick). All my love though 🙂

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