For Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce. Age Quod Agis, Thank you and Big Up

This one is for the Pocket Rocket herself, Mrs. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, the epitome of likkle but tallawah- my fellow Wolmer’s alum who today took the World Championship Women’s 100m title in Moscow, Russia.

Many of you may not know this but Shelly-Ann and I were on the track team of our high school -Wolmer’s Trust High School For Girl- at the same time. Not for the same length of time, of course- I came off the team soon after Shelly started the school and joined the track team- but it still counts that we were on the team at the same time. I am beyond proud of Shelly as a fellow Wolmerian, Jamaican and woman. I am elated that she is reaping the blessings for all her hard work and I pray for so much more for her.

Get into her sick body! Get into her serving face. Get into her EVERTYTHANG! Photo Credit
Get into her sick body! Get into her serving face. Get into her being EVERTYTHANG!
Photo Credit

You make my heart swell, Shelly-Ann and thank you for all you’ve given us as a people to look forward to whenever you’re on the track and even when you’re off. I’d talk about all the wonderful things you do off the track but today is about those 10.71 seconds that you took to snatch that medal. 🙂 Here’s to so much more greatness from you, little lady! Age Quod Agis!

P.S. I am here for your tattoos, mama!

And one mo’ time for Shelly serving face!

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Photo Credit

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