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    Dear Tessanne Chin… The Voice is not enough

    tessanne chin the voice

    Dearest Tessanne,

    I know this may be a trying time to be writing this letter but I come to you earnestly because this situation needs to be turned around as soon as possible if we are to salvage it. I will make this short and simple. You may take my words with as many grains of salt as possible; you may also ignore them completely. But darling Tessanne, winning The Voice was not enough.

    As you may have known, #TeamTessanne was a force to be reckoned with. Jamaicans at home and in the diaspora banded together to get you to number 1 on iTunes and, ultimately, to help you win your season of The Voice. We were all so proud to see one of us “make it” especially one so deserving.

    Skip to you post-Voice win.

    Tessanne Chin The Voice winner with trophy
    Tessanne clutching the Voice winner trophy. Source

    You came home and you did several shows and appearances in Jamaica and the Caribbean. You are a humble woman and you wanted to show your gratitude. We got that and we appreciated it. Well, a large amount of us did. But the murmurs about “why is she giving free concerts here at home and not working on her album?” started from even then. We didn’t lift you up so you could come back and chill with us. We wanted you to get out there and make the world know you were a force to reckon with, not just a talent show winner. On a whole, Jamaicans do not buy albums. Our artists also do not release albums on a whole- that is not the culture of our local music scene. Therefore, you should have been even more inclined to be seen by the audience that DOES buy music. RTs of compliments and IG pics with other up-and-coming artists is not what makes you seem in demand; it’s not what makes people want more. It’s what made you seem complacent.

    Tessanne Chin The Voice in Barbados
    Tessanne Chin at concert in Barbados after winning The Voice. Source

    On to the album. I have two major issues that stick out in terms of how this was handled. One was when I saw a tweet stating it was available for pre-order and the only thing available at the time as incentive was the track list. Now, this may be my ignorance to the music industry at work but how can a new artist (to the non-Jamaican audience) truly expect a large group of people to order an album solely because the names of the song are now released? The second issue was the fact that your album date was so uncertain. Now the date being changed was likely through no fault of your own but this became an issue when the actual album was released. The anticipation for it had drastically decreased and I felt like the official and final date was announced three days before the actual release. Your record label was of no help to you here but I feel there was adequate time for you to have seen that they were not going to do you any favours for you to get in the conductor’s car and steer this train along.

    Tessanne Chin Count On My Love album cover
    Tessanne Chin Count On My Love album cover. Source

    1. You need a new team. So many dropped the ball and it seems none on said team knew how to pick it up or what to do with it after. From management to PR to styling, your team needs a makeover. There are many who would have done it for little to nothing. There are YouTube tutorials and free PDF books online to help those you have around you, acquire the skills they need to have you looking like the star that you purportedly want to be and to have your fandom spread to more masses. Re: the team you currently have allegedly, I will say this: I get that it’s said that those who can’t do, teach (and in this case, it may be those who don’t want to do) but sometimes if someone does not want to handle the heat for themselves, it’s best you don’t invite them into your kitchen.

    2. You need a better approach to publicity. This doesn’t even need elaboration. The #TeamTessane hashtags were noticeably less present. It was for you and the part of your team responsible to re-energize your fan base and keep people talking about you and excited for your music.

    3. You need a new attitude. Balance that humble spirit with a more aggressive approach to the business. You have proven yourself time and time again to those of us who already love you. No need to preach to the choir. Time to spread the gospel to new crowds. Watch some Beyoncé documentaries- being polite doesn’t always go well with doing business. You will have to swallow some bitter medicine and likely dole some out to others. But trust me, it’s worth it. And you won’t be an awful human being for making the necessary decisions so your dream can flourish. If yuh waan good, yuh nose hafi run.

    With love,

    A member of #TeamTessane

    For my readers who wish to purchase the album, check the links below. Sound off if you have something to say about this.

    Tessanne Chin Count On My Love iTunes link: Click here

    Tessanne Chin Count On My Love Amazon Link : Click here

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  • Reply John July 12, 2014 at 1:30 am

    Accurately said.

  • Reply ONeilson Reid July 12, 2014 at 7:06 am

    I am cautious about this recommendation that is being made to Tessanne.
    It does not include a true vision of whom Tessanne is and really should become.

    Tessanne, you can’t afford to lose your soul. It can’t be to achieve at all cost. So I say go for it. Be brave, be bold. But do not sell out who you truly are.

  • Reply Khaleel July 12, 2014 at 8:37 am

    I like it. It’s evident that quite a bit of thought went into it and you delivered it in a concise way.
    Good job, [name truncated].

  • Reply Smiling Eyes July 12, 2014 at 8:45 am

    This the exact meds the doctor ordered for Tessanne! I love it. Him all the right spots!

  • Reply Kermit July 12, 2014 at 7:16 pm

    True true words. Glad somebody said it. But there is still something else we too coward to say, and it’s this: the album isn’t good. I won’t say it sucks, but it isn’t good. And that’s because of lack of talent. Tessanne is surely one of the best singers out there. But I listen to the album from beginning to end a dozen times, waiting for it to grab me, but nothing. Uninspiring, boring, dated, disappointing. Someone really needs to be fired, coz Tess deserve better than this crap.

  • Reply Samantha July 12, 2014 at 8:20 pm

    I agree with this post 100%. I was baffled as to why she was touring the caribbean when 1) there’s no money to get from the islands, 2) The time could and should have been spent in the US promoting the album. Tessanne is a pretty and talented girl and I fear that she will not achieve the success that she is worthy of, because of her team. At this point I don’t even know if there is even a team. Being a long time Tessanne fan, I understand how important winning the voice was and wished that she capitalized on the opportunities it opened up. Her name isn’t been put out there. I have been to various Walmarts checking for the album and still can’t find it. I’ve asked workers and when I mentioned her name it was foreign to them. I could just go on for days ranting about this matter. This whole mess has me lost about WHAT it is that Tess really wants. Many new fans are blaming the label, and while I do think they have some fault in this matter, I truly believe Tess could have done more on her own as well. She promotes her friends’ and past Voice cast members more than she does herself and they are not returning the favor. At this rate it seems that winning or even entering The Voice was pointless. There are so many points for me to touch on that my comment might seem a bit all over the place, bear with me. WHO is in charge of booking? WHO is in charge of styling? WHO is in charge of promotion? WHO is the publicist? Just WHO should fans go to for answers? There were moments where I honestly felt like crying, because I felt more effort was placed in her work when she was an independent artist in JA. While the album is good, I felt like it could have been better, especially with all the musician Tess knows something more thought out could have been done. It’s funny that you mentioned watching Beyonce’s documentary because Tess has seen it and says she loves Beyonce’s work ethic but… *sigh* I guess in order for us fans to see a change, we have to speak out some more until something gets done. Singles are being released but again no promotion OR videos. When will we get a video? Tessanne has been to JA enough, I think she needs to spend some more time away from home.. WORKING and just getting herself out there to be known internationally.

  • Reply anonymous July 19, 2014 at 7:01 pm

    I’m so happy someone finally came clean on this. I work in the entertainment industry (not in the Caribbean) and I’d like to say I knew that this would be the case because 1. the Voice is a REALITY show, and NO ONE in the industry takes these shows seriously. Maybe it is by the general public (I wouldn’t know; many people in entertainment don’t have the time to watch tv) but it’s certainly not within the industry.
    2. We the population like sugar and sweet but this is an industry that EATS people and SPITS them back out. A quick google of articles by people like Lady Gaga or Spears will show you how quickly people who are at the top fire the people who don’t produce/perform what they are paid to do. If it’s not working, you don’t have the time to say “well, let’s give it another try”; FIRE them because you may only have one chance to make it work for you. Remember that thousands of people come to this industry to make a go at it and many of them fail.
    3. It’s all about economics. Tessanne, you seem like a lovely person, but at the end of the day, everyone is in this to MAKE MONEY. If you can’t make money for your record label, they will drop you; there are several more hungrier artistes sleeping outside the record label’s door. You are not special (you’re a product; that is the way they will see you) but you must BELIEVE that you are and carry that confidence and persistence with you ALL the WAY and demand as such from those who are managing these deals for you; remember you may only have one shot.
    Coming out of the Caribbean and seeing the perception of the region is humbling and you have to try SO much harder because they STILL can’t see past Bob Marley; it’s as though he really is the last one to have made a big impression. That’s the truth. Anyways, If anything, she will come out of this with experience that will make her a better force to be reckoned with.

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