Blogging Challenge. I Suck (and not in the good way)

I have noticed for at least a year (from my previous blog) that I am horrid at time management especially when it comes to blogging on a decent schedule. Sometimes I’m really just super busy with school or , like now, work, and I’m just super tired in any downtime I have so I just want to sleep like there’s no tomorrow. Wait if there was no tomorrow, would I want to meet it sleeping? Hmm. Doubt it. But I digress…

ecard end of world

I have been most unfair to my readers and even to myself by neglecting my blog. I need to feed my creative monster or it will starve to death and my muse will cut me off permanently. I simply must do better. I kept saying that I would when I get free time or when I complete the unfinished drafts that are in storage on the blog and put them on a schedule but I’m truthfully just finding excuses to procrastinate and it feels horrible when I look back at the months of few to zero posts.

So how do I fix this problem? Well, I believe in signs though anything can be a sign to me. I saw someone @Luvvie from Twitter mention a challenge that would mean posting a blog a day for the entire month of August – #31WriteNow and it seems like something so crazy to do but also so necessary if I really want to get a writing groove going.


Luvvie also tweeted about @Blogher ‘s daily posting challenge for the month of August- @NaBloPoMo and the added benefit of that challenge is that there is a theme (some may find this to be more of a con than a pro) and prompts for weekdays. This month’s them is “HOT“. I think I’ll need prompts to get me creative juices flowing so I will be participating in both challenges. The end goal is the same for both so I think that’s okay to do. ┬áLord knows how drained I may end up feeling by the end of the first week but I figure I’ll learn what topics I like to write about the most, what days or times I am my most productive and creative and hopefully I’ll master an ideal blogging schedule.

NaBloPoMo August 2013 Badge HOT

Here’s hoping for the best and hoping you all will stay with me. It’s crazy that I need a prompt/ challenge as a writer and I’m sure some will look down on this. But at least they’ll be looking.

I also plan to do a Photo-A-Day Challenge┬ácourtesy of FatMumSlim on my Instagram account. Yikes! Where is that Gingko Biloba? Who is going to remind me about these things? No volunteer will be turned away. Thanks in advance for all your support, my lovelies! Here’s to a lovely August!

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Hello world!

Once upon a time there was a whale, that despite all the fat she felt no shame. Jerked chicken with rice like that was sane. Her left breast was her claim to fame but fatima is here to disrupt the game (8)

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