Stifling her moan,
She bit his lips.
He paused and opened his eyes.
She licked them with purpose and apology.
Doing her best to hold on to her restraint-
She seemed to think it was locked away just below his shoulder blades and her nails were the access key.
He sucked in a breath so sharp he took some of hers.
He growled.
More apologetic licks for wounds inflicted.
She felt the smile spread across his lips.
He shifted to place himself firmly at her center.
Eyes flew open. Her gasp echoed in the room.
Her heart muted every other sound by shouting its rhythm.
Deaf to all else but his whisper creeped through
“Let go”
And she did.



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Just enough but I needed more


Then I pulled away

or maybe I pushed you away,

It’s a bit fuzzy from this angle

I can’t carve out the intricacy with my words

The whole has always been greater than the sum of its parts




Uncertain and yet sure


A meeting of lips that filled gaps of time,

that bandaged wounds of loneliness,

that blossomed into cravings so deep, they formed scars,

etched like graffiti that would take months to fade,

Wounds that had lay open

Waiting be soothed with the healing serum of my honey and your cinnamon




Stabilizing while shaking to the core


I needed more

days, weeks, months at the least

but we only had hours left


I needed more


What’s in a name?


Some days I go so fast, I feel myself swell with pressure and fever consumes me

until I reach the boundaries of my elasticity and I explode.

I burn out.

I feel my being disperse into ash.

I did it again. I overdid.

I overwhelmed, I overstayed

my tentative welcome in the place of company

knowing full well most people can’t accommodate me

Hell, even I can’t

My soul is too big for its earthly courier

so it rebels and prods and prompts overzealous reactions to earthly stimuli

the momentum never failing to rip the coverage at its seams

and then I am ash

Waiting to be born again.

To put myself back together

To have myself come together

Each time as draining as the last, sometimes more

But then I rise again like a Phoenix

And above it all I soar.

Better now, stronger now.

“what does your name mean? What’s its origin?” “Je ne sais pas”

Nastassian: Rebirth/resurrection; one who will rise again; Breaker of chains

Origin: Russian or Greek with Latin influence as well

Fun facts: it also means birthday or born on Christmas day. I wasn’t but I was pretty close. I’m sure my parents didn’t know this though.

A security guard told me that my nickname could be phoenix when I told him the meaning and thus, a poem was born.

Thanks for reading! Until next post!

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