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Hey, readers

I write to you on this blessed Tessday as we wait for the live airing of The Voice finale to find out who America (and the rest f the world that found a way to vote) chose as this season’s winner. Jamaica’s own, Tessanne Chin is a finalist and Jamaica has been in a frenzy since her blind audition when we saw the four judges turn their chairs by the time she got to the second line of her version of Pink’s Try.

I have been very busy with school and extra-curriculars so my blogging took a major hit and, therefore, I have said nothing about Tess since the show started. It’s just as well. Based on the topic at hand, I welcome being called  wagonist for this. So long as there is room on the wagon, I’m hopping on and I will “small up” myself to make room for others to join after me. Read More

Thank you for reading, sharing and showing blog love

I don’t like rushed posts. I don’t like writing in a rush (school work aside). It feels like I don’t give my all or my best work. And I also dislike writing just because. That last one was cemented during this challenge.

I like to feel inspired or motivated in some way. My mood affects my writing heavily. And I have had days during this month when I seriously didn’t feel like writing. But I pushed through. I am glad I did but I don’t know that I’ll necessarily do it again, not to this degree. I like that it got me into the habit of posting more consistently. I am much too lackadaisical considering how much I love writing and the fact that this blog is my baby.

I also like that it showed me what types of posts you guys respond the best to vs the ones I have the most fun writing. Sometimes, thankfully, they overlap. I plan to write more for you lovely folks in the future.

I have other posts planned and I will not go back to my old and terrible blog schedule (if you notice me doing this, call me out!) but I will ease up.

I think for now on, I will post on weekdays mostly, if not only and I plan to incorporate some vlogs at a later date because I feel some things are better said than written and there is really only one way to find out. Also, vlogs will help in you guys getting a feel for my voice more and that’s always good, no? Let’s hope.

The major point of this post is to bring a close to this challenge chapter by telling all of you THANK YOU! Your comments, feedback and love have been appreciated more than you know. I am still not used to it and I doubt I ever will be but I know I don’t want it to stop. You don’t have to click any of my links and you don’t have to read through my musings or share afterwards. But you do. And it means a lot.

Thank you and much love.



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A moment of disconnect

I’m having one of those moments when my mind feels bothered but unfocused and my soul feel unrest.

I can’t quite put my finger on what the issue is but I know I know.

I have moments where something bugs me and, for one reason or another (from momentary external distraction to intentional mental diversion), it gets put on the back burner of my mind. The thing with me where my feelings and thoughts are concerned, is that I am pretty connected to my subconscious so even though I may not be combing over the details of what is bugging me, my mind knows that I am emotionally in a less-than-stellar place and it’s like the elephant in the room of all my musings.

Something happened today, more likely tonight and more than likely, a couple of things happened and my feelings are still caught up. I know I feel upset and I felt hurt earlier. For the life of me, I cannot remember why! Is this strange? Does this happen to anyone else?

I’m just gonna give myself time and wait for it to come back and then deal accordingly.

P.S., I do not plan to continue treating the blog like a diary.

P.P.S., Sometimes plans change :p

I hope you Nasmaniacs are doing great. Don’t hesitate to drop a comment (on the blog) but if you continue to comment on any of my social media, I appreciate it just as much!

Thanks for your love and continued support.

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Why women deserve the world. A period story (but not gross)

Recently, on a night when I was feeling like hell physically and I was in the process of attempting to rectify that by making myself some sustenance- which had to be preceded by a warm beverage for my stomach which was mad at me through (almost) no fault of my own, I happened to browse the fridge for tools to aid in my quest. This is when I saw the most glorious sight I had seen in a while (see picture below).

This is jello. Believe me.
The camera did not capture how enticing it was. Believe me.

Read More

Lisa Hanna gets rated poorly as a politician

Imagine my surprise when I was scrolling through the interwebs and I happen upon a piece about Jamaica’s Minister of Youth and Culture, Lisa Hanna, stating that she ranks 4th on a list of the world’s Top Ten Worst Politicians. -_-

I have many questions before I will seek to find validity in this list

1) Who came up with this list?

2) What are their credentials/ qualifications?

3) What is this “research” that was done to come up with such a list? I figure there was a name generator of politicians who made the news in whatever week this entity felt like “researching”.

4) How is this the list of the worst politicians in the world for 2013 and the year isn’t over as yet?

5) How exactly did Lisa upset this entity to have her rank so high?

6) Did she get any credit for looking more beautiful today than she did when she was crowned Miss World 1993 (a fact they saw fit to mention, of course)? I mean, have you seen her face?! Have you stopped for a moment to bask in how perfect her eyebrows always are? And her hair! Ahmagah! I could look at pictures of her all day!

Lisa Hanna 1
Photo Credit

*clears throat* But back to the serious issues at hand- the questions.

7) What is Lisa’s secret to looking so gorgeous? I have theories but I do not wish to be penalized for speculation.

I will follow up on this if and when I see Miss Hanna and/or her team respond. Let me know your thoughts on this piece of what I , for now will call, epic badmindism.

Featured Image Photo Credit

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Barbadian Students Must Pay

Whoi! Bangrang in d place! Changes are afoot and ahand!

So I shouldn’t be as excited as I am about what I am writing about tonight but I must be real and declare that hearing that Barbados now has to require their students to pay tuition starting 2014 made me feel a bit smug initially.

I am Jamaican but this was significant to me because I had to spend two years at UWI, Cave Hill, Barbados to complete my Bachelor of Laws program and while I am so grateful to that island for the growth and memories I experienced while I was living there, I won’t pretend that it was all easy or fun. It was a huge strain financially and I learnt humility and sacrifice in ways I never imagined I’d have to but ways I’m still grateful for. Read More

Don’t Worry. Be Happy

It’s been the end of a pretty heavy week for me emotionally. It was one of those filled with nervousness and anxiety and, of course, my unwanted but constant companion- worry. It has been slowly hitting me that I am coming to the end of a chapter of my life that I don’t really think I am ready to close. In fact, I have been actively trying to delay turning the last page. But change is inevitable and here I am with the wind threatening to do the job my fingers won’t. I have to now move on to the next phase of my life. I have to *covers eyes and takes deep breath* GROW UP. *horror movie scream*

I still have a few months left where I can file any mistakes or wild moments under “quarter life crisis” but I have to simultaneously be preparing for the journey t the other side. When it moves from “Don’t worry about it, you’re young and you have time” to “Seriously, you’re grown, you should have this figured out by now”.

I start law school in a month and a week. I have hear nothing but stressful stories and I can’t say I feel like I am equipped to take it on and come out in one piece. But here’s hoping.

I began this post by talking about the anxiety that has plagued me throughout the week because on the way home tonight I was thinking about the counterproductive attitude I have of wanting to worry less but of feeling like not worrying will bring the worst outcome, all the while trying to remember (usually unsuccessfully) that worrying solves absolutely nothing and may cause problems to develop or worsen. Why am I my own enemy in this way? Smh. So I figured I needed to go back to the things I used to do to try and break my pattern of worrying. I have my mantras that I repeat at least until my brain is distracted from whatever was on my mind. I also try and organize my thoughts- from noting what’s troubling to how I can fix it and I use as much detail as possible because it makes me feel like I’m making progress really quickly. There is also the plan to try and successfully meditate for once but I may need the help of an expert to have a chance at accomplishing this task. An YouTube doesn’t count! 🙂

Another helpful activity is to play some music or listen to audio that’s inspiring and doesn’t require too much brain power- this makes it easier for my brain to sort its way through things. I’ll take myself step by step through the issue(s) and notice that it’s not as worthy of my emotional state as I previously thought.

And it is for that reason, without further ado, that I place these two songs in a post. I hope you enjoy them as I have been. I hope your spirits are lifted. How can one hear the whistling at the beginning of “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” not make you smile instantly. And as for the second song: If Bob says I shouldn’t worry, I simply won’t.


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Never Forget. Unless it’s about slavery

never forget


A friend sent this to me the other day and asked that I post about it. She said I didn’t need to say much as the picture spoke for itself. I agree.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write to go along with it and I wasn’t sure when I was going to post it. And then I saw a Twitter conversation take place in which someone said that blacks can have an all-black movie or movement but if white people did that, there would be ruckus.

I’m gonna make this short because it is such a sensitive topic and I truly don’t want to go too deep and lose some of you readers in the process. I just want us to be honest with ourselves and ask “why and how are we to ‘get over it’ when ‘it’ is still so present?”

To that comment about an all-black movie,I say- it should be clear why an oppressed and/or disenfranchised group is freer to gather in a group or do a project that is exclusive of the majority (ie the non-oppressed). Think about it, the poor can mock the rich and it’s understandable but the rich cannot mock the poor without there being backlash (albeit backlash that has no real fangs). Why is this so? Because at the end, those with more power, privilege and resources get to go back to their superior place in society while the disadvantaged go back to suffering.

The other party to the Twitter conversation spoke of the fact that slavery went on for 400 years and that we need 400 years to heal/get over it. If we look at the world today and don’t see that slavery was only ended in a legal sense after 400 years and still pervades today, we are truly using some tinted glasses that have blinders attached. The mental enslavement was the most effective way in which we were broken down as a people. Physical chains have nothing on mental ones. If you didn’t know, now you know.

P.S. There need not be any all-white movies specially marketed. That was the case for a long while anyway. We were not allowed in as black people. Then we got “token” black characters and felt like we made it. We have not made it. This is why movies with an all-black cast are still necessary. And look at how few movies like that we have. And let’s count all Tyler Perry movies as one really.

Feel free to disagree. Lemme know your thoughts in the comments 🙂

Shoutout to Donia for the picture and post inspiration.