HTGAWM “Who Killed Sam” response video

I recorded this video then lamented how frustrating it was to film just a small rant and then the thought of editing out the rambling and weird background noises had me less than excited. Then I forgot about it. But with the show How To Get Away With Murder returning last night after a few weeks’ break, I remembered it. So here it is- me speaking about my issue(s) with the mid-season finale of How To Get Away With Murder: Who Killed Sam.

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Book Review: Salsa Nocturna

This book is the best introduction into the genre of urban fantasy any reader could have.

It is clear that Daniel himself has his feet planted steadily (no shade to Carlos- get the book to get it) on both sides of the world of the living and that of the dead. He ushers us into the world of Salsa Nocturna so realistically and seamlessly that I was left feeling like this was the norm. The best part about the way the writer tells his stories is that while there are the usual ghostly characters who have unfinished business and who seek to cause mischief or harm to those of us who are living, he also writes about those who seek to do good, to bring justice to the living who are leading unjust lives and those who just want to be present among us because they want to maintain a connection with life. He makes the afterlife seem less scary. I was comforted by so many of these stories.

I was drawn in by the characters before I even got back stories and when their snippets of their histories were shared, I was even more captivated. Let me be honest, I was not in love with all of them- some are on my list of Permanent Side Eye Recipients and I’m not talking about the clear villains of each story.

I live-tweeted my thoughts while reading the first few stories because I was in a world of bewilderment when I read about Carlos’ and Gordo’s approach to the spirit world. I would not be in a crew with these two men because their idea of recreation did not align with mine and I was super okay with that. Skin Like Porcelain Death is that “WHAT THE HELL?! OH HELL NO!! NAA! BIND IT, LORD!” story for me. And as you continue reading, you realize that these stories are all actually linked to each other somehow, making this so much more than what you thought it would be at the beginning. The book became more than just a collection of stories put together to make me gasp and squirm and throw my hands in the air in judgmental frustration. At some point, before I even noticed, the stories began sticking to me- they connected. Protected Entity and Red Feather and Bone are my favourites, if I have to choose. They took me through a roller coaster of emotions for which I was grateful after reading. My favourite quote comes from The Collector (which you can read or listen for free here) but I’ll leave you to guess what it is.

Another one of the best features of his writing is that each story had a believable and necessary ending. Necessary, to me, in that the characters sometimes get what they want and when they don’t, it serves to carry the larger picture along in such a wonderful way, the reader is left satisfied. The ending of the book leaves you wanting more without having a cliffhanger. Story lines are resolved while possibilities for other story lines are masterfully created.

The one downfall of this book for me is the fact that there was not even one Jamaican present. All this duppy talk and not one o my people enter the mix? No sah. Do better, Mr. Older. But I won’t hold this against him too much as I’m sure he will indeed do better with his future books.

I recommend getting your own copy of this book. You’ll be glad you did.

And the best part of all- there will be more! Daniel José Older has written the PREQUEL to Salsa Nocturna called Half Resurrection Blues and it’s available for pre-order now and will be out January 2015 (that’s in just a few months! Eek!)

If nothing else makes you want to buy it, look at this sexy ass cover. JUST LOOK AT IT! Scrumptious!


I do hope you like it and feel free to leave your thoughts.

Get your copy of Salsa Nocturna: by clicking here or by clicking  here

Pre-order Half Resurrection Blues: by clicking here or by clicking here


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Book Review: 50 Something Dates with 17 Mr. Wrongs

Good day, my darling readers,

Today’s post is about a book I recently read and one that I absolutely loved. The title is “50 Something Dates with 17 Mr. Wrongs: Lessons From A Dating Repository”. It is written by author Chenelle Taylor- a 25-year-old Masters graduate with her M.A. in Forensic Psychology and too many honours for me to list here especially considering that this post is a review of her book and not her growing list of achievements. This book, as you must have gotten from the title, is about Chenelle’s dating experiences in her attempt to find lasting love or, at times, just a meaningful connection.

Chenelle is a former classmate of mine going as far back as high school so I didn’t read this book and have to imagine the character of the person writing or read as if she is some far-fetched entity- I had a bias which meant that from the get-go, I was giving the men of this book the most epic side eye, this side of the sun.

History with the author and suggestive title aside, I was not prepared for the way I would feel during and after reading this book. I don’t wish to spoil it for the many of you who are, no doubt going to read it but my word! How one girl salt suh? (Translation: How is one female so unfortunate in the department of luck?)

Chenelle has stated that she is now in a jaded place as it relates to men and I can definitely see why after reading about he tumultuous suitors she was “blessed” to cross paths with. Still, I feel that her actions have shown that she is a relentless pursuer of love and I am not too sure that she has given up in the pursuit as much as she would like us to believe. It should be noted that not all the Misters in this book were a disgrace to their gender but you have to pick up a copy to see which ones were not and why they still ended up being filed under “Mr Wrong”.

I dare say, after reading, that Chenelle could be hailed as Jamaica’s Carrie Bradshaw. Where’s Mr. Big when you need him? 🙂

The book is available in eBook and paperback format on Link:

There will also be an official book launch and reading on May 16th, 2013 at Bookophilia (in Jamaica), starting 6:30pm

Chenelle dedication

Get your copy and let me know what you think.

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Sexy Funky Fridays: Beyoncé does Sex On Fire

Now if you really want to feel like a sexpot, check out Beyoncé’s rendition of Kings of Leon’s Sex On Fire. She never actually recorded this, as far as I know but in her “Live At Glastonbury 2011”  show, she rocked out to this along with her rendition of Prince’s The Beautiful Ones which I also love.

But back to the sexiness. Miss Bey turned it OUT while performing this. Those seductive stares,  her writhing on the ground, trembling lips n licking of said lips had me feeling like it was me up there putting on the most alluring show of my life. I listened to the song on repeat for days after first catching the concert on YouTube. It outshines the version by the original artists in my opinion. Watch both below and let me know if you agree.

Beyonce- Sex On Fire (Live At Glastonbury)

Kings of Leon- Sex On Fire

Beyonce- The Beautiful Ones and Sex On Fire (Live At Glastonbury) [for good measure]

New Music: Beyoncé- Bow Down / I Been On

Beyonce Knowles-Carter is back and she is taking no prisoners! Not nary a one! Oh ma gah!

“I know when you were little girls, you dreamt of being in my world. Don’t forget it…. I took some time to live my life/ But don’t think I’m just his little wife/Don’t get it twisted…Bow down, bitches!”

This is past shade. It’s a full on overcast sky. Hurricane Beyoncé is on the way. Batten down, y’all!

Get into it below and let me know what you think!

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New Video: Kelly Rowland “Kisses Down Low”

In case you missed her videos for Motivation and Ice, I feel I MUST share the news with you that Kelly Rowland is in love with her body. And rightfully so! Miss Rowland offered up the visuals for her latest single “Kisses Down Low” and it’s quite a treat for the eyes.

I don’t recall hearing this track (produced by Mike Will Made It) before seeing the video and I think it’s a good thing. The hook and chorus got a bit annoying to me as the song went on. Thankfully, the many looks donned by Miss Rowland served as a welcomed distraction. I think Kelly is beautiful and sexeh. I have loved her simple but appealing approach to her videos- she gets that eye candy needs to be real sweet (sugar-free need not apply)- and the fact that she usually has some foine men on display may be the major reason behind this. Teehee!

P.S. There were 2.5 wigs that I did not like – .5 because one wig looked cute when she lay down with it on. Kelly, that wig with the red highlights seems like a throwback to your Destiny’s Child circa Survivor days but it is not nearly as hot now as when your real hair was styled that way. Maybe it was the shape. 🙂

Anyhoo, check the video out below and let me know our thoughts in the comments.

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Melanie Fiona gives that throwback to heartbreak- two in one post

I recently watched Melanie Fiona’s video for Wrong Side Of A Love Song, directed by Larenz Tate, and the split screen effect gave me nostalgia. I remember when I in my late teens that this effect was very popular with r&b and pop videos and I quite liked it. She used it to show the contrast in her relationship with the man she loves and it was quite effective. the eye candy did not hurt either. You all should know by now that I am all the way here for gratuitous male nudity and super hot chemistry on screen. I can relate to the extremes in this video so good job, Miss Fiona for bringing me back. I love her voice and the composition of this song. Check out the video below.

And speaking of throwbacks, one of my favourite songs of hers is 4AM. I KILLED this song last year when I had exams and funny enough, even though it is supposed to be a sad song, all I could think about was how sexy the beat and melody were and how well this song could work as a stripper song (for private shows, not necessarily in the strip club). I would get so lost in the song that I honestly did not watch the video in its entirety until I was writing this post. That’s when I realized the story line. It makes me want to chuckle though because I was left thinking “oh, he popped a Molly, he’s sweatin’!’ Check out 4AM and let me know how this makes you feel. Be honest 🙂

P.S. on the off chance that Miss Fiona is checking this out, why is your latest video not on your VEVo channel? Do better, love. 🙂

Pink sleeps in a river bed

My girl Pink was feeling aquatic with her latest video. She had two guest stars- Nate Ruess (front man of fun.) and her fine as wine husband and babydaddy, Carey Hart. The video is a bit dark which I think is because of the message of the tune- we used to be so in love n now things have fallen off (at least in the eyes of the woman because the man thinks all is well and the woman is over-thinking things- ain’t that always the case though? Haha) but it’s quite sexy. The scenes of Pink and Carey made it clear that baby Willow was no mistake. I think Pink has never looked sexier or more feminine and I LOVE it.  I am obsessed with this song and the video is icing on the cake for me. It’s a perfect “let’s give this another try” tune. I have many favourite lines but “We’re not broken, just bent, we can learn to love again” sums this song up perfectly. I want to go out and get a water bed and learn how to swim (don’t judge me) after watching this. Check it out below and let me know what you think. Did I interpret the song and video correctly? Should Pink and Carey make Willow: the sequel? Talk to me! Until next post!