Flexibility: an impromptu teacher. And smartphones getting smart.

Let me state that technology is not always your friend and your smartphone is sometimes too smart and emotional for its own good. *has flashback to Disney’s Smart House* Suffice it to say that I typed this post last night and sent it to publish from 9:27 pm and then (likely due to the way I spoke about it in the post and also because 4G ate the battery life like the Cookie Monster devours cookies), my phone spazzed out and would not publish, and I didn’t realize until I got home and it was way past midnight at this point. Anyway, I will now hit publish and you folks can tell me if you feel my phone was being too sensitive by not actually publishing. 🙂


I type this as I stand on a sidewalk waiting for a friend to come meet me who should have been here more than 30 minutes ago. (more…)

My First Time…..at CPLT20

It was hot and sweaty. I almost passed out from exhaustion.

Yea, my first time at the Caribbean Premier League T20 was one to remember. It took a lot outta me but now I can say I’ve been to a cricket match n I actually paid attention to what was going on. This wasn’t my very first cricket match (I went to one or two in BIM) but I promise it’s the only one I looked at the field long enough to know who was batting vs who was bowling.

Calling to the world…spice up your life!

Being a Caribbean woman, I love spicy things in my life especially food. Growing up, I wasn’t a fan of pepper but as I got older, I developed an affinity for the stuff.

Now, being Jamaican, this means that I don’t deal with tame pepper. Eyes gotta be watering, nose gotta be running, skin gotta be sweating! Gimme di scotch bonnet peppa mek mi mout lip bun off mi mout lip dem!

Yes Jah! Peppa hot like lava! Photo Credit
Yes Jah! Peppa hot like lava!
Photo Credit


Talk Tuesday: Friends and Food – Milk or Cereal – which do you pour first?

Let’s get one thing straight- how a person pours their cereal is no joking matter. There is a right and a wrong way and if you do things the wrong way, we can’t go together, you can’t sit with us!

What is this proper way to have cereal, you ask? I’m gonna just ignore the fact that you have to ask or assume that you did it because questions with obvious answers are the order of the day.

I declare the only right way is (more…)

Coffee and Tea. Some Like It Hot. Some Like It Cold

I am using a prompt from BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo for this one. The prompt for August 1 asking if I like hot drinks specifically coffee or tea. Remember their theme this month is HOT.

I have a couple things to say on these but I am mostly doing this post because I have discovered a serious love for pictures of coffee on Tumblr and it has caused a change in habits that I am not certain I like but I kinda sorta love it. It makes sense if you think about it. Seeing the pictures (which will be in this post) day after day helped desensitize my mind and persuade me that  certain drink that I abhorred before, was now a possibly good (maybe even necessary) companion. More on that later.

First, let me say that being Jamaican, I have no choice but to love tea. (more…)