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  • #ProjectBRAVE / Body Love and Beauty

    #ProjectBRAVE Photos: Volume 1, Part 1

    Body love isn’t a trend, it’s a lifestyle.

    #projectBRAVE is about seeing that we all have physical insecurities, no matter our size or shape or colour.  But more than that, it’s about getting that we all can and should grow to embrace these “flaws”. It’s about not just living with our imperfections and insecurities, it’s about learning to love them and seeing that they are beautiful. That was the task that Dale-Anthony and I had to execute- photograph one or more (as it ended up) physical feature that people were insecure about and have them see it as beautiful. Easy ting, yea? Ha!


    group photo itsnasb #projectBRAVE-

    Today marks one year since I first expressed out loud my idea for what would end up being #ProjectBRAVE . It took almost a year to have all the stars align so that it could be executed in line with my vision. I am grateful for the team that I had (see credits at the end) especially my photographer. We took SEVERAL pictures of each participant, emailed the pics to them and I asked them to pick their top five and From those, I’d select a few to post. To show all these pics, I had to break up the reveal over the course of a few weeks. This week you’ll see the first four: Tracey, Jordan, CC and myself.

    I hope you enjoy the pictures and that you too are inspired to be BRAVE. Continue Reading

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    HTGAWM “Who Killed Sam” response video

    I recorded this video then lamented how frustrating it was to film just a small rant and then the thought of editing out the rambling and weird background noises had me less than excited. Then I forgot about it. But with the show How To Get Away With Murder returning last night after a few weeks’ break, I remembered it. So here it is- me speaking about my issue(s) with the mid-season finale of How To Get Away With Murder: Who Killed Sam.

    Until next post!

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    Anxiety Sucks. Seven stories. BETMB (T- 7 days)

    This post is a heavy one. I enlisted the help of 6 other women to help spread awareness about something as real as any chronic illness but which often times gets downplayed- anxiety. All the statistics in the world can’t describe the paralyzing effect of anxiety and many are walking around without any knowledge that they or someone close to them suffers from this. If this post helps even one person, it will have done its job. Italicized are my thoughts during and after an anxiety attack.

    (Each woman was asked to write one paragraph. Some wrote more. Some experienced anxiety at the thought of writing about it. I’m grateful each pushed through to share.)

    cracked mirror woman anxiety post

    1….Ok, here it comes..try to fight it

    I’ve always been known as the worry wart. I remember distinctly someone calling me that in the ninth grade. I think, over the years, it accumulated until around my second year in university when shit hit the fan. Continue Reading