HTGAWM “Who Killed Sam” response video

I recorded this video then lamented how frustrating it was to film just a small rant and then the thought of editing out the rambling and weird background noises had me less than excited. Then I forgot about it. But with the show How To Get Away With Murder returning last night after a few weeks’ break, I remembered it. So here it is- me speaking about my issue(s) with the mid-season finale of How To Get Away With Murder: Who Killed Sam.

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Lost and Found

Last night, I found three things that I had lost, one of which was unknown to me as lost. I guess you call that forgotten?

I found my glasses in the case I had been carrying around for weeks thinking it was empty (as it most times is) and that the glasses were left on my dresser (as they so often are). Tonight I decided to search for said glasses and after a quick scan (which can only mean my subconscious sent a speedy hint- “feeling” to my conscious) which resulted in no spotting of the glasses, I thought to look in the case. As soon as I took it from the bag, I shook it and heard the tiny thuds of tiny spectacles hitting the edges of their container. Jinkies!


The next items in my lost and found were two poems. One I found while searching for another. I had forgotten that I had wrote that poem. And I’m sort of surprised because I read it and immediately got that I was going through something when I wrote it. Would you look at that. You sure do get over things when you least expect it. I also found the one I was intentionally searching for. It was right below my nose with the name I remembered giving it but that I somehow missed in my previous searches. I think it hid so I could find the other first. My poems are kind like that. Well, they are to me.

Or in this case, anything old and forgotten.

 And with that, I bid you adieu.

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Dear NWC Jamaica

Hello, old friend

Yes, I use the term loosely- as loosely as you interpret your duty to provide me with water on a regular basis. I assume that we must, by now, be on some cordial level seeing as we have had a relationship with each other since my birth at least. I don’t know if I can claim for the months I was in my mother’s womb where you and her were social- vicarious friendship maybe? Semantics really.

I am writing today to speak to you about the turbulent waters (all puns intended) our friendship have been navigating. Read More

Talk Tuesday: Friends and Food – Milk or Cereal – which do you pour first?

Let’s get one thing straight- how a person pours their cereal is no joking matter. There is a right and a wrong way and if you do things the wrong way, we can’t go together, you can’t sit with us!

What is this proper way to have cereal, you ask? I’m gonna just ignore the fact that you have to ask or assume that you did it because questions with obvious answers are the order of the day.

I declare the only right way is Read More