Jamaican BFF tag with Nas and Nas (Video)

One night (or it may have been early morning), my friend Nas and I decided that we should film a BFF tag video to see just how much we would fail. Funny we should mention fail since this all happened because we felt doomed re: our upcoming exams. Anyways this is the result! Hope you enjoy!

BFF screenshot watermarked
Thanks for watching!
Love, Nas and Nas


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Flexibility: an impromptu teacher. And smartphones getting smart.

Let me state that technology is not always your friend and your smartphone is sometimes too smart and emotional for its own good. *has flashback to Disney’s Smart House* Suffice it to say that I typed this post last night and sent it to publish from 9:27 pm and then (likely due to the way I spoke about it in the post and also because 4G ate the battery life like the Cookie Monster devours cookies), my phone spazzed out and would not publish, and I didn’t realize until I got home and it was way past midnight at this point. Anyway, I will now hit publish and you folks can tell me if you feel my phone was being too sensitive by not actually publishing. ­čÖé


I type this as I stand on a sidewalk waiting for a friend to come meet me who should have been here more than 30 minutes ago. Read More

My First Time…..at CPLT20

It was hot and sweaty. I almost passed out from exhaustion.

Yea, my first time at the Caribbean Premier League T20 was one to┬áremember. It took a lot outta me but now I can say I’ve been to a cricket match n I actually paid attention to what was going on. This wasn’t my very first cricket match (I went to one or two in BIM) but I promise it’s the only one I looked at the field long enough to know who was batting vs who was bowling.