Why women deserve the world. A period story (but not gross)

Recently, on a night when I was feeling like hell physically and I was in the process of attempting to rectify that by making myself some sustenance- which had to be preceded by a warm beverage for my stomach which was mad at me through (almost) no fault of my own, I happened to browse the fridge for tools to aid in my quest. This is when I saw the most glorious sight I had seen in a while (see picture below).

This is jello. Believe me.
The camera did not capture how enticing it was. Believe me.

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Random Act of Nasness: Interracial Toast

Yesterday, on the beloved Easter Sunday I decided to make breakfast lunch and dinner at once so that I would not be tormented by laziness at a later point in the day and then have to choose between getting up when I didn’t feel like it and have gas mute the sounds of hunger my stomach is prone to emit when left unfulfilled.

I had the energy in the morning and that was all fine and well. I took my two slices of bread (in Barbados, I tend to store bread in the fridge so that it doesn’t go bad because it does not get consumed as quickly as it would back home and the bread here seems to age quicker than the bread back home) and placed one on top of the other to begin my carefully developed method of warming/toasting. But then I became distracted midway between making breakfast and I left the bread warming up just a bit too long while I was sucked in by my trickster of a phone to reply to messages. I left the stove (I warm or toast bread in a pot- usually a frying pan) on high because I did not expect that I would be away from le stove at all much less long enough to have anything happen to the bread.

Well, well, well….when I came back, this had happened:


Love is colour-blind
Love is colour-blind


Disclaimer: there’s a sexy filter on the picture. Just a small one. It made it more romantic in my eyes!

On the upside, I didn’t have ti utilize my entire warming method (it includes flips and stuff, you have to see it. Ha!) because the heat warmed both slices of bread all the way through.

I don’t know if I should call this interracial toast as it’s really just the shade of one that changed and they are arguably still from the same race. However, while acknowledging the shadist argument, I will go with the race one. I feel it sends out a stronger message.

Happy Monday, Nasmaniacs!

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Random Act of Nasness: When left to my own devices

As you may or may not know. I am a student at a university away from my home- an overseas one, at that. This means I do not have all the comforts of home that I would necessarily want. I am not the best packer and no one saw fit to help me this time around so I was pretty much on my own as it regarded ensuring I brought all necessities to survive. Yikes!

Among the many things I unintentionally left back home was my pack of disposable shower caps. I brought one that was of a thicker material and it served the intended purpose of keeping my hair dry while I frolicked in le shower. However, shower caps are used for more than that. You don’t only use them to keep liquid out- sometimes you use them to keep liquid in. This is where the disposable, cheap ones prove to be most practical.

So what do I do when faced with the dilemma of wanting to dye my hair but not wanting to stain the more permanent shower cap? Make my own, of course. And this is where the innovative side of yours truly comes about. I decided to use a plastic bag. Oh, yes. I should patent this, I know.

Of course I felt I needed photographic evidence of this in case I, let’s say, decide to blog about it later on, share with my friends or just look back on in amazement of how silly I can be. I planned to post the picture here but at the last minute I decided against it because not everyone is kind on the internet and not everyone will take the picture the way it was intended and I really did not feel up to being slandered.

But have no fear, I have done a lovely recreation of the picture in Paint, no less and that I am more than willing to share. Enjoy!

You're welcome! :D
You’re welcome! 😀


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