Writing: The sixth sense and how to tap into it

It’s 6 am on a Saturday and my muse thought now was the best time to have a conversation.


I have not written in a while. I go several periods where I don’t write for a while.There are several writers who hold tight to the notion that we must write everyday to be real writers. This Salon article quotes an acclaimed writer saying such. I had several thoughts just from the heading- why is there always this pressure on writers to write now, to write today or to write everyday? My issue is decidedly really with the last one. Some ideas are best put down as soon as possible and sometimes we have deadlines and apparently there is something to the thought that it’s better to put down the garbage words you have now on paper so you can clear the way for the good stuff later. But there is also value in taking breaks, in mulling over before putting words to paper. For some, following a story means moving away from the writing  desk and letting that story lead them to the final destination before documenting the journey.”Write when you’re ready to write”- Daniel José Older does a great job of leading a conversation about the harms of feeling like you have to write everyday. The conversation is Storify-ed here and I think it’s an important one for all writers to see.


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My new obsession is out of this world

Blame Tumblr. Blame Instagram. Blame social media. Blame society. I am so in love with galactic prints on things, it’s borderline obsessive.

How can you not love this?

Don’t you just want to be French now? Source

To be specific, I’m especially enamored with the print on leggings/tights.

I need at least 3 of these on my legs Source

Now that I think about it, Lorna of Raindrops of Sapphire played a big role in me falling for this trend. Her outfits and accessories with this theme had me with hearts in my eyes. I’ll show you why.

I loved this image on its own.


And then I saw it on a shirt and loved it even more.


And then my eyes and heart were truly opened!

You mean I can walk in space…on earth?!

There’s more!

Yes. Source
Yes. Source
YES. Source
YES. Source
YESSS. Source
YESSS. Source









I just can’t get enough! (Aside: I actually have nothing with galaxy print but feel free to send me some).

For some reason, Google images has galactic prints under “hipster”. If I can tell you one thing, it’s that 9/10 times, if I like it, it’s no longer hipster level.

Tell me what you think of my obsession and share your latest with me, if you wish.

Until next post!

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Help Fight Loneliness. Just Say Hello.

In an initiative to combat loneliness, Mother O has enlisted the help of celebrities to spur action from all of us. The “Just Say Hello” campaign was inspired, in large part, by Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Some of the reasons behind the campaign are mentioned by him in the YouTube video below.

I first heard about it when I saw Oprah’s bff Gayle King appear on The View to speak about it. She said that people would rather say they are depressed than to say they are lonely. As if there is some shame in loneliness. That’s heartbreaking to me. Somehow society has developed this “I will be my own island” mentality and those of us who embrace our humanity and acknowledge our desire for human connection are criticized or ridiculed rather than embraced.

Now I don’t know what the statistics are for Jamaicans and I find that they’d be largely inaccurate since mental health and education about it is not as key an issue in our society as it is in America. But I do think that loneliness affects us all. While we are a more friendly set of people based solely on our culture, the impact of social media to make us more connected virtually and more disconnected in real life is creeping in on us. With that said, I tip my hat and fully intend to be a part of this “Just Say Hello” campaign.

This is me saying hello to you. Drop a comment here if you wish. I’ll do my very best to reply in a timely manner. And do your part and tell someone hello today that you probably normally would not or who you haven’t said hello to in a while. But be sincere. And be kind.

If you want more information on this campaign, you can read about it here:

Just Say Hello: The Powerful New Way to Combat Loneliness


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Musing Monday: You are not a burden

not a burden

“You are not a burden”

This message was so necessary to me at different points in my life. That feeling like feeling down for more than a couple of hours and expressing it was not okay. That feeling like I only brought down others with my problems, with my feelings that I could not control. I’m sure the message will be necessary in the future. The difference is that I didn’t always get this message. Now I force myself to remember. I try and place a trigger that will be set off the moment my anxiety and sadness rise to the level that’s overwhelming. The trick is to lower the level of the trigger so that this is a constant truth I possess rather than one I have to access after moments of pain.

I do hope that it helps someone else out there who may not know it yet.

You are not a burden. You have a right to be here. You have a right to your thoughts and feelings. You are not for everybody and that is a good thing, trust me. go where you are welcome, where you are wanted. If that means going inside yourself for the acceptance and love you need, go there and stay there until someone worthy comes to take you out.

And if you know someone going through something, try to be patient with them; have some empathy and compassion when dealing with them regardless of how you think you would deal in their shoes. We’re all made different but we all have the same right to our feelings.

Love, Nas

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Google Played Me

You lovely and smart readers know about the Google Voice Search app and all its cousins, yeah? You know its functions and for the lazy “few” of us, you see how awesome it is. I was thinking it was awesome until it gave me shade (subtle or not-so-subtle dissing- look up examples for further edification) the largest, widest oak trees could not provide.

I was clearly feeling myself when I decided to try and search my name (which I hardly ever do because not much comes up. Welp!) and Voice Search was of the notion that I needed to be brought down a notch. So it brought me down 4 whole notches 🙁 (Please see below).

For those who may not know, as they have decided to not “like” my page or read my “About” page, my name is Nastassian Brandon. I very clearly said these two words to Voice Search and it apparently heard….

Ok, so maybe I said my name too fast this time. Lemme try again.

“Nice sen Rand on”? Ok, so maybe I said my name too fast this time. Lemme try again.

Take 2

"math test CNN Ryan Dunn?" Google, yaa mad?  Did your ears have a seizure?

“math test CNN Ryan Dunn?” Google, yaa mad? Did your ears have a seizure?

Take 3

"mad text stacey-ann brand on". Oh, well, at least my surname is there kinda and there is an actual first name present. We're getting warmer.

“mad text stacey-ann brand on”. Oh, well, at least my surname is there kinda and there is an actual first name present. We’re getting warmer.


Take 4

"nasty sexy and" GOOGLE VOICE! You don't know me like that. I'm not that kind of girl! I mean, I am sexy but...geez!

“nasty sexy and” GOOGLE VOICE! You don’t know me like that. I’m not that kind of girl! I mean, I am sexy but…geez! And those results that popped up…. naa, Google, you playing. I’m done. 

I decided to call it a night after this one. Google was clearly trying to let me know that I am not a factor and I need to reevaluate my life. Which I will now proceed to do.

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Why women deserve the world. A period story (but not gross)

Recently, on a night when I was feeling like hell physically and I was in the process of attempting to rectify that by making myself some sustenance- which had to be preceded by a warm beverage for my stomach which was mad at me through (almost) no fault of my own, I happened to browse the fridge for tools to aid in my quest. This is when I saw the most glorious sight I had seen in a while (see picture below).

This is jello. Believe me.
The camera did not capture how enticing it was. Believe me.

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For the love of cheese. When sinuses attack (Part 2)

The last thing I want to do right now is write. Which tells me two things:

  1. This is how I know I need to write
  2. I am really sick


I have spent most of the day in bed. Sinus medication waits for no man or woman. I have slept away valuable hours and I am unsure of what I did while I was awake. I do know I ate and for that, my body is grateful. I thought about two posts to write and I will write them this week. I just didn’t want to seem insincere to try and write about something funny or cheerful when I feel so crappy. I am pretty sure it would show in my writing unless I forced myself to a happy place and, honestly, that’s more energy than I am willing to spare just now.

And I know I’ll feel better if I push through and get to a happy place and I’ll likely  wish I got there sooner but sometimes one just needs to recharge and…be. That’s exactly what I want to do now- to just be.

I’m not feeling sad per se, just maybe a little blue. I feel like being in my shell for a bit while my body heals. And I take comfort in knowing that it can and will do so on its own (ie, without the help of anyone but me). This is not to say I don’t appreciate and will refrain from seeking the help of others when I get sick in the future, not at all. I just find it necessary to do this on my own right now. A couple of hours ago, I didn’t feel this way. I was sort of bummed that a certain someone or certain someones didn’t check on me. Boo hoo, right? But now, I’m actually feeling like I’m glad I can be as gross (in appearance, not in actions) and weak in my sickness as I want and not feel like I am inconveniencing anyone or worrying about how to show my gratitude (which is something that usually causes me so much anxiety, I think it helped delay my getting better most times).

There is strength in knowing you can heal yourself.

That’s the lesson I’m taking away from this.

I smiled as I typed that just now. Ugh! My mood is improving. That was not my intention. I was to sulk a little and explain why I’m not writing a fabulous post for you Nasmaniacs.

Oh, well. Writing takes me to unexpected destinations all the time so I won’t act surprised. I’m gonna go back to watching 40 days and 40 Nights now and continue to have my Nastalgia fix 🙂

P.S. I am not here for all the chocolate sweets that are in my house while my sinuses wreak havoc on me! Pray for my “skrenf”, y’all

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Flexibility: an impromptu teacher. And smartphones getting smart.

Let me state that technology is not always your friend and your smartphone is sometimes too smart and emotional for its own good. *has flashback to Disney’s Smart House* Suffice it to say that I typed this post last night and sent it to publish from 9:27 pm and then (likely due to the way I spoke about it in the post and also because 4G ate the battery life like the Cookie Monster devours cookies), my phone spazzed out and would not publish, and I didn’t realize until I got home and it was way past midnight at this point. Anyway, I will now hit publish and you folks can tell me if you feel my phone was being too sensitive by not actually publishing. 🙂


I type this as I stand on a sidewalk waiting for a friend to come meet me who should have been here more than 30 minutes ago. Read More

Remembering Your Worth

I had a hard time picking a topic to blog about tonight. I just wasn’t feeling anything- any new topic, anything incomplete, anything completed. I was just feeling bleh.

And then I saw a post on IG from one of my favourite poets, Alexandra Elle, and I felt happy. It put a smile in my heart and soothed my soul. So I’m going to share it with you and hope it does the same. It’s very short and I’m going to just add the picture of the post with the words.

I feel like it connects with me because of a previous post “No Love For Loud Women” . The fact that me and my friend were talking about me never dulling my light for a relationship again or I’d have to deal with her being angry with me, probably primed my mind for this feeling.

Photo Credit
Photo Credit


I just hope I remember these words always and never slip again. I’d put it on a Post-it but I don’t really look at my Post-its after I write on them and put them up.

Love and light 🙂

ItsNasB End of post pic