HTGAWM “Who Killed Sam” response video

I recorded this video then lamented how frustrating it was to film just a small rant and then the thought of editing out the rambling and weird background noises had me less than excited. Then I forgot about it. But with the show How To Get Away With Murder returning last night after a few weeks’ break, I remembered it. So here it is- me speaking about my issue(s) with the mid-season finale of How To Get Away With Murder: Who Killed Sam.

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Minding Yendi’s Business: A How NOT To

I have seen the references to the article and ignored them. I have seen the references to the Facebook and Instagram posts and ignored them. Then I saw the tweets saying that due to the fact that Yendi Phillips was very public about her romance with Daniel “Chino” McGregor, we are now entitled to all aspects of her private life including knowing what happens with regards to her minor child. Now let me stand firmly in my view that I do not support this.

My friend Ricardo Brooks wrote a post title “Yendi has no right to privacy and unfortunately neither does her child”.

Now, this approach taken that has Yendi having her right snatched from her is one of the highest level of entitlement. Apparently, because Yendi is famous and decided to share the story of her relationship that led to the making of a child, we are now entitled to know everything regarding Yendi and said baby henceforth. Excuse (every single one of) you?!

If I decide to tell you about everything in my life but the way I like orange juice, you are NOT entitled to know the way I like my orange juice. If I tell you about the way I like all forms of fruit juices up to November 2014 and I decide to stop telling you about the way I like fruit juices after November 2014, you are not entitled to know about the way I like fruit juices after November 2014.

I use very simple examples to show you that you are not entitled to know anything about me and my personal life, even the simplest or most trivial, regardless of what I have shared with you in the past. This is applicable to everyone.

Everyone is entitled to say “stop”.

Everyone is entitled to say “no more”

Everyone is entitled to say “I wish to share only this and no more of myself”

If you feel like someone somehow lured you into caring about their life and now you are hooked and crave more, that is absolutely Read More

tessanne chin the voice

Dear Tessanne Chin… The Voice is not enough

Dearest Tessanne,

I know this may be a trying time to be writing this letter but I come to you earnestly because this situation needs to be turned around as soon as possible if we are to salvage it. I will make this short and simple. You may take my words with as many grains of salt as possible; you may also ignore them completely. But darling Tessanne, winning The Voice was not enough. Read More

Premature Ejaculation: When arriving early is a no

Huffington Post wrote an article that featured a video of world-renowned author and relationship expert (please get some biscuits to soak up that sarcasm) Tyrese Gibson in which he said that women should be flattered when men ejaculate prematurely. Now if this ain’t a car salesman trying to tell me a written off Lada is more efficient than an Audi R8, I don’t know what is. To say Mr. Gibson can keep that crock of crap would be the understatement of this half of 2013.

Rather than tell men to try and do exercises that increase their stamina, this fool sees it fit to tell women to accept the sub par performances and, even better, take it as a testament of how “great ” their honey pot is. Read More

Sexy Funky Fridays: Beyoncé does Sex On Fire

Now if you really want to feel like a sexpot, check out Beyoncé’s rendition of Kings of Leon’s Sex On Fire. She never actually recorded this, as far as I know but in her “Live At Glastonbury 2011”  show, she rocked out to this along with her rendition of Prince’s The Beautiful Ones which I also love.

But back to the sexiness. Miss Bey turned it OUT while performing this. Those seductive stares,  her writhing on the ground, trembling lips n licking of said lips had me feeling like it was me up there putting on the most alluring show of my life. I listened to the song on repeat for days after first catching the concert on YouTube. It outshines the version by the original artists in my opinion. Watch both below and let me know if you agree.

Beyonce- Sex On Fire (Live At Glastonbury)

Kings of Leon- Sex On Fire

Beyonce- The Beautiful Ones and Sex On Fire (Live At Glastonbury) [for good measure]

New Music: Beyoncé- Bow Down / I Been On

Beyonce Knowles-Carter is back and she is taking no prisoners! Not nary a one! Oh ma gah!

“I know when you were little girls, you dreamt of being in my world. Don’t forget it…. I took some time to live my life/ But don’t think I’m just his little wife/Don’t get it twisted…Bow down, bitches!”

This is past shade. It’s a full on overcast sky. Hurricane Beyoncé is on the way. Batten down, y’all!

Get into it below and let me know what you think!

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