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    Calling to the world…spice up your life!

    Being a Caribbean woman, I love spicy things in my life especially food. Growing up, I wasn’t a fan of pepper but as I got older, I developed an affinity for the stuff.

    Now, being Jamaican, this means that I don’t deal with tame pepper. Eyes gotta be watering, nose gotta be running, skin gotta be sweating! Gimme di scotch bonnet peppa mek mi mout lip bun off mi mout lip dem!

    Yes Jah! Peppa hot like lava! Photo Credit
    Yes Jah! Peppa hot like lava!
    Photo Credit

    I thought it fitting given the theme of NaBloPoMo, that I tell y’all about two of my favourite peppers. One is Jamaican-made and the other is Barbadian.

    The Barbadian pepper is a surprise to me because Bajans don’t really have hot peppers but they do have a signature pepper mix that is mustard-based that I absolutely love! I had to buy a bottle before I left BIM for food. It’s majestic on seafood. Believe me.

    Mustard and pepper? Genius
    Mustard and pepper? Genius


    The Jamaican pepper is made by the cooks of jerk chicken and pork from Boston Jerk in Portland Jamaica. Now, this pepper is not for the weak-hearted, trust me. Ensure your will is updated before you decide to try this on anything. You will be singing for the soon-coming King when this hits your taste buds. And if you are not used to lots of pepper in your diet, you will be singing for Him again when it um…leaves your body.



    What are some of your favourite kinds of peppers? Hit me up in a comment 🙂

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