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    Calling all hearts: Help needed for a friend

    Hello to my lovely readers. Today, I have an appeal to make to your hearts that requires some appeal to be made to your….pockets. I wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t a worthy and necessary cause.


    My friend Yanique Levy is in America enrolled in a Clinical Psychologist program at Nova Southeastern University and she is doing stellar work academically but she has hit a rock financially and she is in need of assistance to continue on her journey. It took a LOT of work to get her where she is and if she has to drop out, it will be a major setback and heartbreaking outcome after the financial sacrifices made thus far. I have seen firsthand how dedicated she is about Sports Psychology. I assisted her in her work with The Immaculate High School track team and the Waterhouse football team here in Jamaica and the bond she created with the members of those teams along with the growth that took place in their mental and physical performance was enough to have me want to do the same.

    I know we’ve all hit hard times and money is tight but every little bit counts. I am asking and Yanique is asking for your help by donating to her Fundly account. The deadline is this Friday, May 16 so I hope we can make some major progress with this by then.

    There is more information about Yanique and how to donate once you click the link and I really hope you do.

    I’ll place it here as well: https://fundly.com/help-yanique and hope for abundant blessings.

    Thank you for reading and especially thank you for donating if you do.

    Much love,


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