The Bride Wore Red… Happy 1st Anniversary to us!

itsnasb wedding
Shoutout to my girl, Nico, and her goodaz mommy for getting us this fitting wedding cake topper!

One year ago today, I said “I do” and “I will” to Mr. D. What a year it’s been. We’ve already been through so many changes, it should feel like longer than a year but this honestly feels like it crept up on us. This post isn’t so much about our love as it is about sharing a few pics of our wedding day especially since my red dress was such a hit for those who have seen it. We haven’t shared many pictures, to date and I’m only going to post a few more here. I’ll do my best to put even more on a Pinterest board (you can follow me there from the link at the end of the post). I hope you enjoy. Tell someone you love them today, in honour of me and Mr. D.

To Mr. D: you’re the most wonderful man I know. I really could not have created a better spouse. Props to your parents and everyone else who had a hand in making you who you are. You’re my ultimate favourite. Let’s ride til the wheels fall off and after that, take a stroll hand in hand. I love you. I choose you.

Back to you, the readers and why you’re here. Just so you know, the pictures were taken by our (friend and) official wedding photographer- Darien Robertson and our unofficial but no less stellar photographer (also friend)- Dale-Anthony Hines. My dress was made in TWO days by a wonderful Jill of all trades- Christina Campbell. We “planned” this wedding in about two weeks and we could not have done it without our friends and family- we married now so it’s ONE family, woohoo! You’ll only see a few of them in this post because I’d legit post about 80 pics if I didn’t set some restrictions. So I’m only mostly posting the ones of just me and Mr. D.

Now onto the rest of the pictures!

itsnasb wedding 1 for post


itsnasb wedding 2


itsnasb wedding 3


itsnasb wedding 4


itsnasb wedding 5

I didn’t need these five ladies’ help but I REALLY wanted a shot of all my girls helping me get into my dress. I’m so happy with this! I love every woman in this picture.

itsnasb wedding 6


itsnasb wedding 7


itsnasb wedding 8


itsnasb wedding 9


itsnasb wedding 10

Apparently our kiss lasted 18 whole seconds. I had so many kissing photos to choose from. Sheesh! 🙂 Guess who was leading said kiss.

itsnasb wedding 11


itsnasb wedding 12

Mr and Mrs. Daniel J. Older, folks. Or the Brandon Older family. We’ll answer to both.

itsnasb wedding 13

Yes, I wore flats. For the same reason I wore a red dress. Because I wanted to.


itsnasb wedding dress back for post



itsnasb wedding 14


itsnasb wedding 15

The next and final set of pictures are from one of the highlights of the whole day for me. The bouquet and garter tosses. I love well captured candids!

itsnasb wedding btoss


itsnasb wedding btoss 1


itsnasb wedding btoss 2


itsnasb wedding btoss 3

I hope to be around when our children (IF we have any. Don’t go plotting on my womb, y’all!) see this next pic for the first time.

itsnasb wedding garter


itsnasb wedding garter 1

But let’s just pause a moment and look at the fine specimen of men that attended my wedding. A so man fi look! Ketch di bow leg dem. WHOI!

itsnasb wedding men at garter toss


itsnasb wedding garter 2


itsnasb wedding garter 3


itsnasb wedding garter 4

And that about wraps it up for me today, folks. Thanks for reading. And, in advance, thanks for sharing. I hope this post helped to life your spirit and I hope it brings you love. Kisses! And mazel tov!

itsnasb wedding mazel tov


itsnasb wedding kiss


itsnasb wedding sand and flowers

Until next post!

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One thought to “The Bride Wore Red… Happy 1st Anniversary to us!”

  1. Love all the kissing photos… and the gorgeous dress. Great photos altogether, so natural. I see Karen caught the bouquet, haha!! Wishing you many, many happy years together… (I’ve been married 28 years, but I’m sure you can beat that!)

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