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    BETMB: T-9 days. It’s just hair (Wedding edition)

    By this time next year, I should be married and I am exc— let me find another word– I am tickled purple! I haven’t begun making a lot of plans because I have never been the type of woman who gets fired up about wedding stuff. I don’t know why- my mother clearly didn’t pass on that gene. I know a few things I want and don’t want and that’s about it.

    • I don’t want to be a Bridezilla (I would be mortified if I just catapulted to the other end of the bride spectrum)
    • I don’t want a huge shindig
    • I know the type of dress I want
    • I know I want some twerking to happen

    One thing I don’t know that I wish I did is how I’m gonna do my hair. This is made worse by the fact that I have been wanting to do what feels like a million different things with my hair for years. I don’t have the patience to have my own hair grow out and I’m not a fan of long hair but there a couple styles that I want to try that require longer hair. I have never been a fan of wearing weaves and so you now see my dilemma. Up until a couple months ago, the most I did was put braids in which is essentially like plaiting in extensions.

    But I had been strolling the streets of Pinterest and jogging through Tumblr city from time to time and sometimes I’d get postcards from Instagram county and these places would tempt me to “return to natural” even more than I’d been wanting to in my heart. But even the thought of going natural stressed me because I wanted to have several styles- a big ol’ afro, a smaller, tapered one, dreadlocks, twist outs, the works. All requiring dedication of some kind if I’m going to do it myself with my own hair. Now if I was feeling strangled by indecision when it came to choosing styles over the span of my lifetime, imagine how much more strained I felt when trying to decide what to do by a set time in said lifetime (le wedding).

    Aside: I feel that my final style that I’ll settle on and be content with is a really low natural cut that I’ll have as every individual colour in the rainbow at some point.

    So one night on Twitter, someone shared a wedding post from a photographer’s blog and I feel deeply in love with the bride’s hair. It relit the fire in me and I thought “you need to make a decision now. You have about a year to work towards this hair goal- not a lot of time in follicle world”. I calculated that I still wouldn’t be at the length that the bride has by the time of my wedding and then casually thought that I’d just add extensions. And then a light bulb went off- regardless of where my hair is length-wise and what state it is in, I can add hair to get whatever look I want. I know, it seems like it should have been a no-brainer but I have not been pro-weave so it wasn’t something that occurred to me. Plus, it’s lately that I’m seeing kinky (natural) hair weave. And that’s what led to me deciding that until I knew what I wanted, I’d so nothing to my hair and experiment with different looks while doing protective styles just in case.

    So I took my first official trip to weave world and…. what do you folks think?

    itsnasb afro kinky smirk

    itsnasb afro kinky


    While we’re here, how do you think I should style my hair on my wedding day?







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