Things That Made Me Smile This Week

I believe we should promote what we love rather than bash what we hate. Sometimes I slip and find myself being negative about something or someone that irks me and not in a constructive way and while sometimes that is justified, I’m working on sharing more of what I love and I’m starting here and now. With that, I bring you this week’s “Things That Made Me Smile” which includes something about me! Read More

HTGAWM “Who Killed Sam” response video

I recorded this video then lamented how frustrating it was to film just a small rant and then the thought of editing out the rambling and weird background noises had me less than excited. Then I forgot about it. But with the show How To Get Away With Murder returning last night after a few weeks’ break, I remembered it. So here it is- me speaking about my issue(s) with the mid-season finale of How To Get Away With Murder: Who Killed Sam.

Until next post!

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5 Things! Post 100! New Year’s

1. I still start posts with “Wow. How do I start this?”. Beginnings aren’t always easy. Writers know this. Sometimes your beginning unfolds at the end of the story. I think that’s pretty awesome- writers are time travelers. I thought about saying writers invented time travel but I dare not upset scientists for the sake of a joke. I rang in 2014 with friends I loved- we broke plates and danced and laughed and promised this year we’d leave the crappiest parts of 2013 behind, frolic and flourish like no year before. Well…. we did do all that …eventually but I don’t think we knew just how different 2014 was going to end from how it started. Still, with how amazing it is for me right now, in this moment- as I write this post with a little over 6 hours left in the year- I think we brought in this year in the best style. I look back at pictures from the past 365 1/4 days and I am content.

2. I tweeted this year: “I think I’ll end up with a writer” because some spirit passed through me telling me that. I’m now engaged to a Read More

Anxiety Sucks. Seven stories. BETMB (T- 7 days)

This post is a heavy one. I enlisted the help of 6 other women to help spread awareness about something as real as any chronic illness but which often times gets downplayed- anxiety. All the statistics in the world can’t describe the paralyzing effect of anxiety and many are walking around without any knowledge that they or someone close to them suffers from this. If this post helps even one person, it will have done its job. Italicized are my thoughts during and after an anxiety attack.

(Each woman was asked to write one paragraph. Some wrote more. Some experienced anxiety at the thought of writing about it. I’m grateful each pushed through to share.)

cracked mirror woman anxiety post

1….Ok, here it comes..try to fight it

I’ve always been known as the worry wart. I remember distinctly someone calling me that in the ninth grade. I think, over the years, it accumulated until around my second year in university when shit hit the fan. Read More

BETMB: T-8 days (5 Things- Dec 14, 2014)

1. What is it about love that makes us use it to justify or excuse our most selfish actions all the while calling it a most selfless feeling? What is it about love that makes us see grey in areas we usually see only black or white? Is it that selfish love is a love tainted? Is it not love at all if it’s selfish? What if it’s a result of love of self trying to exist alongside love for another? Does the former negate the other here? I’m still unsure.

2. Ever found yourself rooting for the non-couple in a love triangle. I’ve found that this happens to me when Read More

BETMB: T-9 days. It’s just hair (Wedding edition)

By this time next year, I should be married and I am exc— let me find another word– I am tickled purple! I haven’t begun making a lot of plans because I have never been the type of woman who gets fired up about wedding stuff. I don’t know why- my mother clearly didn’t pass on that gene. I know a few things I want and don’t want and that’s about it.

  • I don’t want to be a Bridezilla (I would be mortified if I just catapulted to the other end of the bride spectrum)
  • I don’t want a huge shindig
  • I know the type of dress I want
  • I know I want some twerking to happen

One thing I don’t know that I wish I did is Read More

Blog everyday til my birthday. T-10 days. Self-love

In (less than) 10 days I will be celebrating my birthday. I will be able to say that I’m in my late twenties and I’m excited and pensive. Because this birthday will be spent differently from the one last year and from any other before. I’m looking forward to it and I’m also aware that it means I’m taking a step further into grown woman-dom. Which got me thinking…

I got this impression that as you get older, as a woman, you eventually stop giving a damn about Read More