Announcing Project BRAVE

It started with this:

“I wana do a feature with women (possibly will include men later) and our physical insecurities. I want each woman to pick one feature that she has been or is currently insecure about but has come to accept. It’s suppose to promote beauty and self-acceptance. I want it to help younger girls coming up. I would like you to take a pic of each woman which focuses on that feature but makes it beautiful. No picture will be uploaded unless the woman feels comfortable.”

This is the idea I sent to a photographer friend of mine way back in August 7, 2014 (wow, it feels so much longer) for a project I wanted to carry out. I told him categorically that I would not be able to pay him. I was and still am an unemployed student. He was on board but we’d have to find time in his schedule and soon after that, mine, to carry it out. It didn’t pan out. I brought it to another photographer I knew and the same schedule problem popped up. He also had the idea to make it something bigger and sponsored and truth is, I wasn’t comfortable with that. It’s not time for that yet and I don’t know that it ever will be. The message is an important one and the more people it reaches and influences in a positive way, the better but I’m still very protective of my vision and I don’t want to risk it being diluted by a corporate entity with a different end goal.

My schedule now is freer and more than that, I’m done putting this off. I’m diving in and I hope you’re willing to dive with me. I’ve found an amazing photographer friend who is available and I’m all set…except that I need your help.

Project Brave ItsNasB

So this is a call to women and men, if you’re brave enough. The project is just as set out in that email message above. While the current target is for young girls, since we may include men, that would extend our target group to young boys as well.

Just as a guideline, I’d rather the feature chosen be something that isn’t an “easy fix”, something you’ve had to make peace with even though you may not have chosen to have it.


Volunteer to be a model for Project Brave.

(Limited to persons in Jamaica at this time. Shoots will take place in July 2015)

Email your name, age and contact number to me at: itsnasb [at] and I will get in touch with you and give further details.

Thank you so much for reading 🙂

Until next post!

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