About This Awesome Site and Its Owner

ItsNasB.com was launched January 2013 and is owned and run by Nas B.  The site is currently (in 2018), like the owner, a work in progress and undergoing some changes.

About Nas B:

I am a writer and creative and project director who is finally owning those titles. As holder of degrees I am not currently using, it took a lot for me to say I want to find and follow my passions instead of the path others thought I should take. I have a lot of ideas and I am working on getting them out into the world because I know they will help make it a better place. It is my hope that you take this journey with me.


Daily mantras/ life quotes for Nas:

“I do not have life figured out.”

“Jerk chicken is life really.”

Seems I have a couple thoughts about life.

Feel free to contact me for business (writing, advertising, etc.) or with general inquiries via email at:

itsnasb @ gmail.com (remove spaces) or drop me a line on any of my social media platforms listed below.

Also, feel free to leave a comment on any or all posts. They are welcome (please be nice- the world needs more of that).

Thank you for reading and thank you for stopping by.

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