The time a Kardashian stole my tweet

I had a tweet go viral last week and then it was stolen. So I thought I’d blog about it.

I’ll accept jerk chicken in lieu of money (unless you’re Kris Jenner, who needs to cut me a cheque with my royalties).

Here is said tweet as posted on May 28th with retweet and favorite counts attached.

itsnasb North West tweet

And here is Kendall Jenner sharing said tweet on her Instagram on June 5th (as sent to me by a follower).


itsnasb screenshot kendall jenner

Ok, before we call in the calvary, it’s a Kardashian by proxy and she didn’t so much steal as repost without giving me credit for it (my name was cut off from the image and I was not tagged). But she wasn’t the first to do this. I was informed that others had been sharing it on Instagram in the same way. I’m not salty about it at all.

Now, to have a tweet be so popular that it makes it from one social media platform to a next is no small deal to me. I am figuring out how to put this on my CV as you read.

What I found endearing about the responses to the tweet was how so many felt they could relate to North in this scenario. In my Twitter mentions, many tagged their friends and ID’d themselves and said friends as either North or Penelope. I think this meme worked in large part because of how perfect the caption was to the picture. North and Penelope being celebrity babies and so darn cute also helped, of course.

Below are other tweets of mine which I feel should get honourable mention.

itsnasb North West Penelope
(340 retweets, 205 favorites at time of posting)

itsnasb North West Riley Curry tweet             itsnasb North West Riley Curry Penelope tweet








Disclaimer: this post was made all in good fun (except the part about Kris Jenner sending me a cheque). Also, if you got my Twitter username (ie. not the @ name) as soon as you saw it, extra daps for you.

Until next post!

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